Weatherproof Louis Vuitton bags

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  1. Since I'm fairly new with Louis Vuitton, what does it mean when people say that LV is weatherproof? It's not waterproof, is it? I have been caught in the rain a couple of times and am hoping that I can use ScotchGuard or something on my mini monogram Lucille, or is that on there already? I read something that the Damier is more weatherproof than the monogram?

    What does everyone carry when it's rainy outside? :biggrin:
  2. Well, for instance, denim bags are treated to 'repell' water, but are not actually water resistant. Weatherproof are bags like the damier, which are not affected by water or other sorts of percipitation since they don't have vachetta on the bag.

    I prefer to carry my Burberry on rainy days, I bought it just for that.
  3. I carry my damier papillon or my longchamp.
  4. My Suhali works pretty well in the rain, lol. :smile: Basically if you LV bag has vachetta, avoid moisture at any cost.

    Damier and Epi are good choices if you want an LV bag that doesn't stain in the rain.
  5. i luuuuuuuuuuuuuv my epi sofflout =) waterproof indeed..

    btw how do u preserve vachetta?
  6. Can someone explain what vachetta is? I have the damier azur. How do you protech the leather handles from the rain? Wouldn't water stain the leather?
  7. Just keep vvn out of water/rain. Vachette is cowhide- the pale leather that turns petina over time, found in most monogram bags and azur.
  8. i have the mini lin.. and i'm terrified to bring it into the rain.
  9. weatherpoof=canvas is waterproof+no accessory parts that are susceptible to water-stains

    eg. Damier, Miroir, epi, *some Monograms, Motard...etc

    I don't really consider Suhali as waterproof, but I don't mind carrying it out in the rain. Actually, I don't even mind carrying vachetta pieces in the rain.
  10. Damier. That's pretty much waterproof!
  11. Damier!
  12. I completely agree.:yes:
  13. I usually use my Epi Soufflot or Croisette. I think my Soufflot could be used as a flotation device if I had to! :roflmfao::P It's great in the rain!
  14. Damier and Epi are the most weatherproof lines.
  15. i think lvs with zippers can't be taken out in the rain coz i'm afraid it'd tarnish..