Weather proofing suede bags

  1. Have any of you tried weather proofing your suede Prada/Miu Miu bags? I have this gorgeous Prada handbag that I would like to use, but with the monsoon season in I simply just don't have the heart to bring her out & risk getting her wet & damaged.

    I called the local Prada store & they don't provide weather proofing services - my fear in spraying my handbag myself is that I might damage it.

    Any advice?

    Here's a picture of my bag (it's the one on the top left hand corner):
  2. In a word: DON'T! Especially because it is suede.

    Some leathers you can safely treat with a good water/dirt repellant spray. Cole Haan makes one specifically for their shoes that I like. But with suede, you'll risk a blotchy mess because of the texture of suede or worse, the color could run!

    If you're really intent on doing it, try testing in a discrete spot inside the bag and test it there.
  3. I use Vectra, I like it. Never had problems--- YET.
  4. Bring it to a professional bag cleaner and ask for advice? I just did for my leather Miu Miu (I'm in Singapore) and the lady at the store recommended a waterproofer product that comes in a spray can. This was after I got water stains on my bag from the rain :sad: But from what she told me, such protection is limited in effect ie. it wouldn't help much if you get caught in a heavy downpour! According to her, Miu Miu bags don't hold up well when they get in contact with water, even when they are black...
  5. i used to wear a suede french cap in the rain!! in those days i was blissfully ignorant about the cares of leather and things. but it was a good thing. as i calmly brush away the water stains each time with my hand. and they just disappeared! i brush them from side to side much like when we try to help our hair dry after a wash...
  6. DON'T!!! I've a suede coffer and I brought it in mountain and, stupid me, I leave it on a wet chair near an iceskating bulding and... it was snowing :crybaby::wtf:
    The back is a bit ruined, so DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!