Weather in the Northeast?

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  1. I'll be headed to Boston and NY for work in the next few weeks. How's the weather? I'll need some casual outfits for shopping, errands, etc. Is it too hot for jeans/boots now?
  2. Oh good question, I want to know as well I'll be going in June
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    Looks like it should be in the high 70s or low 80s. Although it's been pretty rainy lately, so I wouldn't be surprised if it rains and gets down into the 60s some days. But it could also be in the high 80s as well. The weather has been all over the place recently. I would say it's too hot for boots, but jeans should be fine. You may want to bring a few pairs of lighter-weight pants as well just in case it gets pretty hot. I would also recommend bringing things that you can layer up and take off throughout the day. It can be very warm in the afternoons, but the temperature can drop quite a bit in the morning and at night.
  4. Search for the forecast.
  5. This has been so inaccurate for us lately.
  6. Really? Do you have a local National Weather Service group? Mine out here in the West is great and incredibly accurate. They are active on FB and are my go to for local forecasts.
  7. I'll have to check on that. It's been (on average) 5-10 degrees off per day and always miscalls rain.
  8. In a word, unpredictable. It's drizzled almost every day, it's been warm at noon and breezy by the afternoon.

    I would not bring any boots. It's been so up and down you could bring skirts and an umbrella 😂
  9. I live in Pennsylvania. It's been really hot lately. Like really hot outside. Keep in mind that there's a good possibility that it will rain and the weather does tend to cool off a bit when it gets later (6pm and after). I would say definitely too hot for jeans and boots but I would pack a jacket and an umbrella just in case.