Weather in Spain/France/Portugal in Fall?

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  1. See my siggy---I'm going to France/Spain/Portugal in 30 days!:yahoo:

    Being a Cali girl, I'm used to wearing just sweaters in November, but I think it'll be different in Europe. Any insight, ladies/gentlemen? I need to know now so I can hit the sales in case I don't have what I need.
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    It all depends where you're going, specially France. Big difference between Normandy and the Riviera. It also differs from year to year and well, how long you're gonna be gone :smile:. You don't need to shop anything special. Just bring some warm sweaters and light wind protector, that would suffice. When I go to Paris in early November, I usually wear a light trench coat or something similar and depending on how cold it is I add layers of sweaters. I also bring a scarf.
    It will be warmer in Spain, you can probably sit out in the sun in only a t-shirt, but again, all depends on where you're going. Same goes for Portugal.