Travel Weather in Scotland


May 11, 2008
Hi Lillibear, that's my home town but i know live near Perth.

To be honest, it would be anything from Sunny and reasonably warm to cold, wet and windy.

I would leave it until closer to the time before you pack for Scotland.


Crofter Delux
Dec 25, 2009
Oooh Scotland!

Weather is VERY unpredictable... Are you going to be doing outdoor walking?

Short wellies? I have very rarely seen anyone wearing them unless they were going on a nature walk.. leather boots would serve you best.

As for trench coat - well I dont think there is a rule, or a "better" option, as the weather can be so variable.

Your best bet would be to pack a variety of things, especially if you are going to be spending a few weeks there..

Sorry this isnt much help, but really Scotlands climate can be so changeable that it makes it hard to advise..



Nov 23, 2009
Lilli I went to Scotland last Summer (end of August) and it was glorious sunshine on the Caledonian canal for the first 3 days then cold, bitter, windy and rainy for the next 3. My recommendation would be layering - that way you will be ready for everything. Take a warm but lightweight fleece and a lightweight waterproof jacket (if it's warm and rainy you can wear the waterproof, if it's cold and rainy wear both). Don't forget your socks, but I'd do as Shetlandlass advises and skip the wellies in favour of leather boots.


Apr 23, 2007
Scotland is renouned for the every weather in an hour [I've seen it actually snow in June...though that was a LONG time ago!]. Agree with the other ladies on here - layering is your best bet. T-shirt with a sweater / cardigan or fleece and a waterproof jacket. Sneakers are OK if you don't plan to do any serious walking / mountaineering etc. A lot of lassies wear UGGS as Autumn comes in so reckon they will still be big over here and they'll keep your feet warm [though not dry if it's really wet!]. A paid of leather shoes / ankle boots would also be fine.

I'm in Fife which is just "down the road" from Dundee. Best shopping is over in Glasgow BTW.:yahoo:

Lady Stardust

Je m'en foutiste
Nov 28, 2009
Scotland weather is really a toss up, I went in summer and it was around 65 degrees most days but it would rain every night at 9 on the dot lol. We lucked out and only had rain during the day like twice


Aug 26, 2006
I don't live there but we visited for 2 weeks several years ago. A woman helping us in the airport said the day before they had all 4 seasons in Glasgow!

The geography changes so much depending on where you are--it can be warm and sunny or feel like winter, wet and cold. We were all over and loved every bit of the country. The people are fantastic and it's beautiful and historic.

Be prepared with layers to put on or remove.


Jul 6, 2007
Think layers! I was in Scotland in late Sept/early Oct last year and I packed pants, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, a light sweater, a fleece jacket, and a rain jacket. Oh and a scarf. Sometimes I had all of my layers on and sometimes I was in a t-shirt and pants.

I would not wear wellies - not versatile enough and they'll get really hot if it happens to be warm at all. But definitely bring a waterproof shell. I would not travel to Scotland without one. I personally would not wear jeans. They take forever to dry if they get wet, which is definitely a possibility, and I hate wet jeans.