Weather in NYC (May 18-21)

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the weather is like in NYC today and upcoming forecast for the next few days.

    I keep reading rain, is it correct?

    Thank you.
  2. Hi 60s, low 70s and sunny.
    Signed Al Roker
  3. Have fun!! Hopefully no rain
  4. rain.
  5. it rained like crazy yesterday but its super sunny today and comfortably cool
  6. ah I don't like when it rains too... yea yesterday it rain... but today looks and feels nice... all u need to bring is a light jacket... I didn't even wear a jacket today but short sleeves... hopefully it'll b sunny when u r here...
  7. The weather is up and down. It's really gorgeous right now. Sunny and very nice, upper 60's. I would plan for possibly chilly nights, some rain, and potentially warmer during the day.

    A lot of times the weather forecasts for NYC are total bunk. Especially at this time of year.
  8. There's rain tomorrow, I didn't hear anything about the weekend. Avoid going to Chinatown if it really pours- CT is disgusting enough on a sunny day, with all the trash and etc. and the flooding of the drains makes it all worse.

    Otherwise, it's been so nice and cool, with lovely breezes and bright sunshine!
  9. Has it been heavy rain or just light shower here and there? We were suppose to leave for NYC this morning but now hopefully postponed it till tomorrow if the weather is decent. Had to drag my 3 little ones in the rain. Any more update on the weather is appreciated. Thank you.
  10. rain all weekend...=(
  11. It's raining right now on Long Island
  12. It is supposed to rain all weekend and clear up on Monday.
  13. Thanks everyone!

    We decided to postpond our trip until end of June eventhough I had my heart set on this weekend for months now:crybaby:.