weather in Ft. Lauderdale

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  1. For anyone who lives in Fort Lauderdale year round, what can you tell me about the weather in December? Do you recall going to the beach or staying in mostly? I know the average temp is 77, but is it actually warm enough. I'm going Dec 4-7 for hopefully a couple of beach days. *hopefully*

  2. anyone???? how about just south florida in general??!
  3. I went to Miami in early November and it was ok to sit in the sun but way to cold for me to bathe. There were some brave ones who took a dip but I could only count a few. There were over all very little people on the beach. I'm thinking the same would apply in FL. I'm actually heading there in mid November this year but I'm not planing on any days on the beach, since I'm thinking it will be too cold.
  4. I don't live in Florida but I can tell you that generally it is nice in December but not necessarily swimming weather, although it could be. HOWEVER, last winter was unbelievably cold. I have friends who live there and I also know several people who rented apartments for 2 months and they never used the pool because it was so cold.

    I think last winter was extreme for Florida.

    I went in early November further north (Orlando) last year and it was beautiful and while kids were swimming, no adults were swimming as it was just not quite warm enough.
  5. snibor, I know what you are talking about. I spent a week in Ft. Myers in January and WOW it was probably 60 degrees at the most, rainy and a COLD rain, wind and just so dissapointing. I'm reaaaaaaallly hoping this is a better winter and it is just sun sun sun! I'm going w/ 2 girl friends.

    Thanks both of you for answering!
  6. I live in Miami...

    Early December will be fine. People will be at the beach (they always are). You'll see people in the water, but more will be sunbathing. Mostly tourists in the water though.

    The locals are the ones wearing jeans, sweaters, and UGGs when it is in the 70s.