weather in florida in dec?

  1. hi,

    we'll be visiting disney world (orlando, FL) in a few days and am wondering what the weather is like at the moment. temperature? sun/rain? clothing wise? any info would be appreciated. TIA:flowers:
  2. well im in Tampa, FL and right now Im wearing a short sleeve T-shirt with capri's and flip flips.. Current temp is 73° Clear sunny sky.
  3. Yeah, its been really nice. I live an hour from Orlando. Plan on 70's...
  4. I live in Orlando and the weather's been great! Today I wore jeans, flip flops, and a t-shirt. But a few days ago it was randomly a little chilly (for Orlando anyway haha) and I wore a long sleeve shirt. I would bring mainly t-shirts but maybe pack a long sleeve one just in case (you probably won't end up using it). Here's the 10 day forecast:

    I'm headed off to Hawaii and I'm hoping for great weather there too! Have a great time at Disney!

  5. I used to live in Tampa. The weather seemed similar to New Orleans. It could be pretty warm in December but all of a sudden it can get cold. Or to me cold, but probably not cold to someone who is used to real cold weather.
  6. thanks for the responds...i was just curious cause when i spoke to my daughter's friend's mother, she told me that it's 0C:confused1:. i know that i'd have my winter jacket (mine keeps me warm up to -30C:rolleyes:) with me when i go cause it's been -16C here in montreal (although today is a warmer -1C).

    thanks! i'll check out the weather link before i pack. but no need for winter clothes, right?
  7. You may need a sweater or light jacket for evenings, perhaps pants or jeans. You can leave your winter coats at home, although you WILL see some Floridian women wearing boots, lol.....
  8. I just came back from Orlando yesterday. The temperature there was generally great. In the 70s like most say. I watched the 7 day forecast for the week and they predicted it would keep getting better/warmer for the next few days. I hope you have fun! I'm almost certain you will. ;)
  9. Oh, and celcius-wise, it's nowhere close to 0. When it was cold, I'd say it was around 10 degrees celcius. Usually it's about mid 20s.
  10. LOL! I was going to suggest but I see someone already linked it. Florida is weird for weather. It will be hot one day and breezy/chilly the next. All I can say for sure is: "Don't expect snow." :nuts:
  11. Today was semi-chilly again (randomly). Definitely pack jeans and a long sleeve shirt or two. It's kinda chilly (for us Floridians) sometimes in the mornings and at night. But no need for a winter coat! You can never predict the weather here- I have to go outside every morning to see what I should wear!