Weather in Chicago......NOW!

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  1. Dear tPfers in Chicago!

    I have posted a thread about a month ago about a Chicago trip and you guys helped me so much, I thought it was way better than any travel guide book!

    Most of you who answered me said pack a lot of warm clothes....'cause it's super cold and windy(especially when I am coming from Sunny San Diego!) but I was wondering if the weather is still that way or got warmer...'cause San Diego got so much warmer in last month or so, it feels like beginning of summer, I see so many people in their tank tops at the mall!

    So I figure, it must be colder there, but warmer than a month ago? Should I bring my boots and winter coats?

    Help needed!

  2. Well...true to Chicago nature, it was actually in the 60's and even 70's within the last 2 weeks, but this past Friday we were back down in the 30's. This is very typical. You can have several different temperatures within the same week. March/April are very unpredictable. We have a chance of rain later this week....not sure you will need the winter boots, but a nice warm coat would be a definite need.

  3. Hi Anne,
    I'm coming into town Monday 3/26/07 from Minneapolis. Any cool places off Michigan Ave I should get to? (i.e. shopping);)