Wearing your Chloe Thread

  1. Is there a thread like this already, sorry I didn't search first. In the Balenciaga thread it's right at the top, and I adore it!! It's so great to see all your fellow Pf'ers with their bags!

    Last night I wore my bag for the first time out.
    I dressed pretty urban casual, which is comfy and my fav.
    I didn't wear the Frye's though... I opted for my Chanel flats, shown in the blurry photo.

    PLease add other photo's of yourself and you beg to the thread!!
    And if there is already a thread like this, ignore me ;)
    chloe3.jpg chloe4.jpg chloe.jpg
  2. You are one cutie pot pie!!!
  3. Oh my, your outfit is sooo cute! :heart: And great idea about this thread...
  4. Can I just tell you again that you are so absolutely gorgeous??? I love the way that paddy looks on you!!!
  5. :shame: :shame: Baaaaahhhh!! thanks :shame: :love:
    I wasn't expecting all of that love!! Much appreciated though!!! :heart:

    I hope more people add to the thread!! I want to see how everyone wears their bags!
  6. Very nice colours!! Your bags goes so well with the light blue of your dress...I also love the background:amuse:
  7. Thanks :smile:) I bought a patio set for the first time this spring. The cushions for it are really cute too!
    The dress is actually tiny blue and white striped denim. It the "conductor" look...*L*
  8. That bag is so YOU.
    Love it!
  9. ohhh, i love your outfit!!!!!!!!its so CUTE~~~,and the paddy looks so fabulous on you~~!!
  10. Okay, Winona - is that dress vintage? We should so do a vintage swap! I LOVE the dress (and your paddy is cute too ;))
  11. You look fabulous with that Paddy!
  12. your outfit is so cool..and your paddy too! post more pics
  13. [​IMG]

    Here is my red Chloe Silverado on my shoulder.:biggrin:
  14. Winona - you look amazing with your paddy! I love your outfit!

    Luccibag - I adore the color of your Silverado - it looks amazing on you!

    Thanks so much for the pics!
  15. Lucci!!!!!!
    NOW I KNOW!!!!!
    I've been wondering if I'd like the red silverado and now I know... I LOVE IT!

    Thanks for the photo, and enabling me to buy one ;)
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