Wearing yellow gold and silver: do they clash or look ok?

  1. Would you wear yellow gold on one wrist and silver on the other? Does that look funny?

    I have a yellow gold bracelet from my parents that I always wore on my right wrist. My boyfriend just bought me a silver Tiffany bracelet which I started wearing on my left wrist. Do you think it looks ok to wear two different colored metals? Or should I only wear one at a time?
  2. i personally don't like the look of silver and gold together UNLESS it's a two tone watch
  3. i've worn pink gold, yellow gold, and white gold all at the same time...pink gold necklace given to me by my bf, white gold diamond ring from my bf, and yellow gold diamond ring from my mom.
  4. Many companies use 2 or sometimes 3 colors of gold in one piece of jewelry.

    I wear both white and yellow metal jewelry generally everyday. It was a matter of mindset......I decided that I liked mixing and so now I do it:yes:
  5. It most definitly works, I think gold and silver complement each other and as stated many pieces of jewery are 2 toned. If you don't like the 2 tone together wearing them on different wrists works pefectly as well..I know tons of ladies mix and match gold and silver and white gold, platinum. It also depends on your own personal prefrence though...
  6. I've always had a hard time mixing metals. Interestingly the last gallery I went in to show my work requested more mixed metal pieces. Which is really hard for me to do. I don't generally wear mixed metals unless it's gold earrings and silver rings and bracelets. Something like that. I don't think it looks bad together but I have a hard time wearing them mixed myself.
  7. I've never done it but if it looks good to you, go for it.
  8. I have never liked mixing metals, I either wear yellow gold, white gold, or sterling and I have all 3 but I never wear them together, (unless its my white gold wedding set... that i wear with anything. LoL but thats just me...
  9. I like the look of mixed metals -- but IMO, you have to wear a few pieces of jewelry that have both gold and silver tones, along with your other pieces -- if that makes sense. I don't like it when people wear a gold ring and necklace with a silver watch and bracelet. To me, it looks more put together if you have a combo like a gold AND silver toned watch and bracelet with either a gold or silver necklace and ring. If that makes any sense at all.
  10. I mix and match. I am currently wearing a Tiffany's Gold Mesh Wedding ring and I also wear on the same wrist I wear a white gold and gold bracelet. On the other wrist I wear a silver Return to Tiffany bracelet.


  11. This is very interesting because I have been struggling with this myself. My wedding ring is 18K white gold, and I wear silver hoops on my ears.
    I have blonde hair and warm coloring (a bit freckled, strawberry blonde) and so I prefer yellow gold hoops.
    I feel strange thought with my white gold wedding ring and yellow gold hoops.
    I just worry it looks tacky. LOL
  12. I know how you feel. I still haven't put my yellow gold bracelet back on. I think it's one thing if it is a two-toned piece, but I'm not sure I want to want to wear two separate pieces that are different colored metals.
  13. Wearing yellow and white together in today's world is the thing to do. Wearing one metal is out!!! If you read up on jewelry trends, mixing is the way to go!! It's hard at first, but once you do it, you get over it. If you can't get over it, try wearing one silver bangle and one gold bangle to pull it together.
  14. Well considering I have 5 Gold rings I wear at all times(even in the shower and to sleep), I always mix. I am usually wearing silver on my wrist, ears, and neck, and if its not silver its some sort of colored jewelry, whether it be beads, or some other costume type jewelry. I personally dont care what others think lmao. All of my rings mean something to me, and I refuse to take them off-no matter what.