Wearing White to a wedding??

  1. Nope don't do it :smile:
  2. Excuse me for the dumb question ( btw I've never attended a wedding) but why can't guests wear white? I always thought you were supposed to wear white or pastels at weddings
  3. ^ It's about not upstaging the bride, she is supposed to be the one in the eye catching white dress - all eyes on her :cutesy:
  4. No dumb questions here Irish. We are here to help each other out. I have heard and I have been told white at a wedding is a big no no. BUT, I was thinking with the way fashion has changed over the years, that it might be okay. I guess not :nogood: I feel bad. I wore a plain white suit to my cousins wedding last year.
  5. ^^don't feel bad. One of my besties wore a white to a wedding even after she asked me. I was opposed to it. Oh well. I think for me even though it is just a color, it is out of respect for the bride.
  6. Don't feel bad. My mother-in-law wore a very fancy white suit to my wedding. I was in a daze that day and didn't think much about it but several of my girlfriends did make disapproving comments.
  7. Only time I've ever gotten close was because my FI's cousin decided to inconvenience our family by having her wedding on Easter Sunday. We were all pretty irritated with her choice of date but that's not the point. There were no invitations sent out and we didn't even know where it was going to be until about an hour or two before it started! (We all live at the beach and it was a ceremony on the beach and "reception" at a local restaurant with about 10 family members included). I wore a white and yellow dress because that is what I chose to wear for the holiday and seeing as we had no time to prepare beforehand, I just wore my Easter outfit to the wedding.

    Any other time, HUGE faux pas.
  8. Nope, disrespectful to the bride. No white.
  9. KristyDarling, LMFAO at your mother-in-law wearing a fancy white suit - there is no way she didn't know that was a big no no. Hope she's not a complete b!t*h :smile:
  10. i wore this dress to a wedding.


    i wore this with brown d'orsays (sp?) and a brown skinny belt around the waist. no one really said anything to me but the bride did look at me and say "look how sassy you look?"
    i felt really torn because i couldn't find anything else to wear that day and it was 2 hours til we had to leave for the wedding. my brother in law told me that it would be ok. so to make a long story short, i did feel really guilty while i was wearing it, even though i didn't think it resembled a wedding dress at all. i just threw a purple sweater over it. i'd probably just wear a sack if i could have done it again.
  11. Wow. I didn't know wearing white was such a big deal.

    I've only gone to Chinese weddings though. The bride usually wears a white wedding gown and changes into a red cheongsam (traditional Chinese dress) later on. Lots of guests wear white too and it's fine, as long as they're not wearing red. THAT would be a faux pas.
  12. No white, and no whatever colour the bride's wearing if you can help it. I got married in red and black, and told my (only 3!) lady guests to not wear black, white or red. They ended up wearing purple, teal and... seafoam green.
  13. No, white to a wedding if you're not the bride is a big no no :no:
  14. :nono:

    It's impossible to wear white without it being some kind of silent statement. Everyone (including the bride) will wonder what you are trying to 'say'.
  15. Interesting, as I always felt it was a big faux pas, except I have been to a few weddings where women wore mainly white dresses and nobody seemed bothered. I actually have the same feeling about black for a wedding, it just reminds me of funerals and my mom never understands why. Last week I attended a wedding and she had bought me a black dress and couldn't understand why I was so adamant about it. For my wedding I told her not to wear black, so she turned up in red and black and both my cousins wore all black as well, but I barely noticed on the day.

    Interestingly though when I researched bridesmaid's dresses for my own wedding, I read a few times that back in the day all bridesmaids wore white, and even a veil, because they were meant to confuse evil spirits that were trying to potentially harm the bride. I guess the idea that nobody detracts form the bride is fairly modern.