Wearing white tank top/wifebeater alone

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  1. I love to wear them alone with jeans and flip flops during the day. At night I dress it up a bit by switching to heels. And when I wear a skirt, I usually pair it with a wifebeater. I'm not too good at fashion and wearing one just makes everything easier. My sister recently made a comment about them being underwear and it has made me a little self conscious. So my question is, do you think it looks trashy to wear them alone?
  2. As in the white underwear styled ones, cotton w/ the ribbing? If yes, then I don't like those as outerwear for outside the house.
  3. No not at all.....I love the look of a wifebeater and jeans!!
  4. I do this sometimes too. Just make sure they are not too thin. I get the J.Crew "favorite tank"- it's thick, and it's cut so your bra doesn't show, etc., basically it's made to be a shirt not underwear. I would say that they are more of a daytime look- I don't think a wifebeater, jeans, and heels is really very dressy but it depends on where you're going. If it's your style and you feel good, go for it!
  5. I have a couple from Mimi & Coco and I LOVE them! They can look like underwear if not accesorrized, IMHO, so I try to wear them with necklaces or a scarf, even if I'm wearing jeans.

    Also, you should ALWAYS wear a bra..a NUDE BRA if it's white. Also you should make sure it's not see-thru.
  6. I love wifebeaters and jeans. I usually would wear this with sneakers but if I want to dress it up a little bit, I pair them with heels and add a scarf too!
  7. being underwear? maybe for a man!!

    as a woman, we can wear just about anything and it will still be fashionable.

    I wear beaters all the time. I like to wear them with heels some nice jeans and a long colorful necklace. Its very casual and comfortable.

    I have these beaters from Wal-mart found in the mens section. They are so long and fitted on me. (also cheap, $8 for a pack of 5). They are fruit of the loom (get the XL, as they are the longest) and they are the cotton with the ribbing. I have gotten compliments wearing them, because they dont really look like underwear when you wear it in different styles.
  8. I'm with Elle Tee, I LOVEEE the thicker ones for wearing around out. I've never had the thin ones before but I would imagine they would look great layered on top of a colorful tank or something. Hmm now I want to go buy some for the summer!
  9. i do that look often. i dont think it looks trashy. as long as its not very thin and everyone can see your bra.
  10. OMG I would be lost without my wife beaters during summer time!!! James Perse makes great ones!
  11. I don't really like wearing wifebeaters alone, unless I'm going to the beach or something. I think its a little to casual for wearing outside.
  12. Also, you should ALWAYS wear a bra..a NUDE BRA if it's white. Also you should make sure it's not see-thru.[/quote]

    Agreed! We don't want your nips showing
  13. If they are actual tank tops, then great! But if you are talking about like, Hane's wifebeaters, then no way!!! Those are way to thin to be worn as outerwear.
  14. I love wifebeaters with a nice necklace or scarf and heels

  15. so true, old navy makes some great ones that are super cheap and thick so no one can see your tatas. oh and theyre nicely form fitting.