Wearing vert foncé with which colours?

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  1. Hi, I've always loved the look of vert foncé and it seems to be a real chameleon colour.

    Those of you who own vert foncé or have seen it IRL, do you think this colour goes well with black? Would it look OK with greys, jeans and black boots, say? Sometimes it looks so dark and brown that I'm not sure what you would wear it with.

    How do you wear vert foncé?
  2. I've worn mine with greens, blacks, browns, and beige/creams.

    Here's one with greens and ivory boots.

  3. Here's another with khaki green silk dress, black T-shirt underneath, and black boots.


    And here with beige top and dark brown skirt and chocolate suede boots.

  4. like DECO so aptly showed in her modeling pics, vert fonce goes with just about everything!! it has deep olive tones, brown tones - i think it looks smashing with just about every imaginable outfit - well, maybe not pink, but i bet it would look excellent with magenta!! :yes:
  5. agree on ivory and pink/magenta. lilac/lavender should work, too.

    drati i prefer contrast so i can understand your concerns. i do love this colour. corey's VF GSH Brief is so classy.
  6. Great pictures. I should have checked Deco's pics, of course! Thanks.

    it is a great colour but the bag I'm looking at needs to go with pretty much EVERYTHING I wear, and that's a big ask. My alternative is to go for black but I'm really interested in the vert fonce.
  7. VF is a beautiful, subtle color..best suggestion I have is to look at (or think of) the forest..VF will be the predominant color..think of how it harmonizes with everything from black wet earth to pastel Spring flowers, dark foliage against pale bluebells or yellow primroses..even seen VF color with chartreuse :nuts:..take a pic of a VF to a store that sells paints and hold it against the array of paint-chips or a color wheel and you will see what I mean.
  8. I think Deco said it already (and was kind enough to post pics).........looks gorgy with those combos!

  9. Quilter, I can certainly see you with a gorgeous vert fonce bag in that avatar pic of yours. Love that pic.

    Hm, no grey in forests really, is there? But I think I can spot some grey on Deco there and that sure looks great!
  10. Love it with black, blue/jeans, cream, white... it's a gorgeous chameleon color!
  11. It looks great with jeans!!!
  12. Yes yes..but think of wet dark,grey-green branches darkened with rain..think of silver birches over wet, damp banks..the deep grays of dead leaves that provide mulch under the pale spring flowers...hmmm..maybe I've been in the woods too long?:wtf: :nuts: HELP!