wearing twillys or pocket squares in your hair..pics?

  1. I've been obsessed with these lately and just wondering if anyone has pictures of how they are wearing them in their hair...just looking for inspiration and new ways to wear them ...you guys always look so great :smile:
  2. I was just thinking bout asking this question :p I wanna buy a twilly. Do they have more selections in their stores? coz the ones on their website didn't look so appealing :confused1:
  3. I'm posting because I'm wearing one in the image in my signature :biggrin:
  4. neeya, i saw your pics on the other posts too..they look adorable on u :yes:
  5. Aw thank you! :blush:
  6. Mostly I wear mine like Neeya but I did have a problem with them slipping until Baggaholic suggested securing wiht Hollywood tape - INSPIRIED!!!! Works like a charm.

    I also wrap my pochette or twilly around a low ponytail.
  7. handybags, isn't it hard to remove though? I've tried using magic tape(just the ordinary ones) on clothes before and its so hard to remove
  8. I put them around my jeans belt loops, just 2...doesn't quite fit around my waist.
  9. Hi Y Princess,

    I haven't had a problem yet but I use the Hollywood tape brand I've never tried any others. And I had used it on other silk items before my scarves. I also take it off as soon as I'm home.

    Good luck :smile: