Wearing Twilly as a belt?

  1. I've tried to wear the Twilly as a belt, and I've figured out that it's almost too short to tie. I can tie roughly an inch and a half on both ends (low waste jeans), but is that the only way to tie it without looking odd? Will it look decent if I tied the ends to the side loops? advice? :shrugs:
  2. If you use a scarf ring for Twillys (Tribord ring) it will make it easier.
  3. whoo-hoo! off to the store tomorrow.......thanks
  4. Twilly as a belt? No chance for me. I'd need tie 3 or 4 together to go around the girth of my fat waist! :roflmfao:
  5. Has anyone tried using their Kelly strap as a belt??
  6. ^^ trick question, right?
  7. I don't think I was small enough to wear a TwillyBelt when I was a baby:roflmfao:

    But....yes, I have seen pictures of it tied this way and it looks great! I say use your imagination and go for it!!!
  8. It looks really weird on me since there's not much left at the ends, and when I wear a scarf as a belt, I like a bit more length... it's be hard to get that with a Twilly - I'm a size 2 and can't imagine pulling it off!
  9. Not a trick question! I have done it wearing a twilly with it! it looks great.
  10. Pics please!!!! I cannot really imagine how it works!
  11. I wear them on my wrist all the time and get SOOO many complements!
  12. When you wear it on your wrist, add a watch right on top! It looks so fantastic!
  13. how do you use the ring with the twilly? I am having the same problem with length with my LV Groom bandeau. It fits around but has a couple of inches on each side. Just not used to the look.
  14. Hey Baggs I just tried the Kelly strip alone (never thought it would fit around my waist but it did) and with a Twilly. It rocks! Also, a look inspired by HG, I tried it as a belt on top of a big scarf and pulled the scarf ends through the loops. Not bad at all!
  15. Hi Coachwife,

    the scarf ring avoids you having to tie the Twilly. It saves an extra couple of inches and makes the whole look 'flatter' (since no knot).