Wearing the Montaigne on your shoulder...

  1. Hi all
    So it's been a happy week with my Montaigne :smile: But I have a question for all you Montaigne PM or GM owners--are you all able to wear her on your shoulder? :confused1: I know the straps look like they could be worn that way but even with my small frame (5'1") it's still a bit hard. Was this bag designed as a shoulder bag? Your thoughts please :yes:
  2. it doesnt mention anything about being a shoulder bag on elux...unlike the beverly it says "shoulder straps"....so i guess its meant to be hand held:shrugs:
  3. you could try. but it would be a tight sqeeze
  4. I got the GM and as long as I'm not wearing my coat, I can actually wear it on my shoulder, although it's not the most comfortable fit. I'm not sure about the PM, but I remember the strap being shorter, so I don't think I could get it to fit on my shoulder.
  5. I don't think it's meant to be a shoulder bag. I think it was designed to be carried on your arm or by hand. I tried it (the pm in ivorie) on last week at my boutique and couldn't stop thinking about it! I caved today (I have NO willpower) and called my SA. I'm picking her up this weekend! :nuts: For comfort I do prefer shoulder bags though.....
  6. They look more like hand held instead.
  7. i think its meant to be handheld.
  8. Yeah even if it COULD be put on the shoulder, I wouldn't want to anyway because it's such an awkward shape.
  9. I agree with Rebecca, the shape doesn't make it seem like it's very suitable to be a handheld! To me, it's similar to the Duomo, but with longer handles!
  10. I wear it on the shoulder most of the time. Not sure if mine is GM or PM
  11. i think i remember yours is the ivory GM, right? the one with the buckle?
  12. I have a PM and it fits over my shoulder. I'm 5'3" and not skinny at all. I don't think it's meant to be carried on the shoulder for long periods of time -- you'd end up squashing it. Just every once in a while, when you need a hands free moment or two.
  13. I tried them on store last week and was able to get them on my shoulder..the GM seemed a good fit for me too ...great size bag:heart: