Wearing sparkle to the office

  1. I have a sweater which I think is very classy. It isn't too revealing or tight but it is a knit cashmere sweater with a subtle sparkly thread woven into the cashmere. From a distance, the sweater looks like a dark camel color but up close, you can see the sparkly thread ever so subtly. Anyway, I wore it to the office the other day with slacks and a co-worker told me it was a "holiday party" sweater and I shouldn't be wearing it to work as anything with sparkle, shimmer or sequins of any kind do not belong in the workplace. What do you guys think? Am I a walking fashion faux pas?:shrugs:
  2. no, I think that sounds cute!! dont listen to the haters, they just want you to dress like them, tacky and boring.

    as long as you pair it with something basic like fitted dress pants or a pencil skirt, they you are good to go. If you have to live by how people are telling you how to live, then you arent living
  3. I can see sequins not being part of a workplace but subtle shimmer threading? I wear my DKNY lurex sweater to work all the time and wouldn't tolerate anyone saying a thing to me. Most people at my work wouldn't know what fashion is if it hit them in the head LOL. If my shimmery sweater doesn't belong then their sweatpants and sneakers sure don't as well. I think your co-worker is way out of line.
  4. I can't imagine that a subtle thread with a sheen would be inappropriate (unless you work for an investment bank or some similar place where everyone wears just black/navy) I wouldn't worry about it unless your boss mentions it - your coworker shouldn't be making comments about your office attire
  5. No, and I think your co-worker needs a hobby!

    Is it possible they were just joking, giving you a hard time? Because that seems REALLY ridiculous and nitpicky to me. I would be annoyed...
  6. Well, she is a co-worker/friend of mine. I do have to say there is some healthy competition between us at work (like who will get the next promotion). Anyway, her fashion sense & opinion of what is work appropriate is very different from me. Everyone else has been telling me that she is going overboard and to ignore her....but I just wanted some advice from the experts!
    Thanks, Girls! ;)
  7. I also think she needs to get a hobby. Sparkle is cute!

  8. I see nothing wrong with some subtle shimmer threading either. I wear it to the office every once in a while, and no-one has ever said a thing!
  9. Why shouldn't sparkle, shimmer or even sequins be worn to work? I think they should! Of course, do limit it as you won't want to look like a walking christmas tree. For example, a simple sequined tank top would look so good with a fitted black blazer and dress trousers and heels. It's not OTT at all!! I think you SHOULD wear some sparkle to the office and just do your own thing! Don't limit yourself to the stereotypical boring office wear!
  10. wow ur co-worker has no idea what she is talking abt. Don't listen to ppl like her
  11. Your co-worker is jealous. Tomorrow wear something really bling so she knows where to take her advice. I never heard anything so stupid.... sounds cute to me.:heart:
  12. Oh gosh no! Your sweater sounds lovely and a subtle glimmer is not a faux pas at all.
  13. That sounds similar to a sweater I thought about buying recently that I would have definitely worn to work.
  14. This thread has pushed me to order a pair of trousers that I've been eyeing. They are charcoal with a bit of sparkle woven in. Beautiful pants but I was a little hesitant on wearing sparkle to work!
  15. Your sweater sounds really lovely and that woman sounds like an arsehole. She doesnt know what she is talking about x