Wearing Red Dress to a Wedding? What do you think?

  1. Hi everyone, I just thought of an interesting dilemma I had awhile back. Is it okay to wear a red evening gown to a wedding? I had this problem before and ultimately chose not to wear the dress, but I would like to know for next time.. The weddings my relatives have are usually extravagant 300-500 people events at huge reception halls. I saw a beautiful gown and I would love to have an opportunity to buy/wear it to the next wedding event. I think this dress is STUNNING! So...wedding appropiate color or not? dresses.com - Evening Dresses 1
    ps..what do you think of the dress?
  2. Personally I would not wear red to a wedding. Especially something like that. It could upstage the bride and it's her day.
  3. I would consult with the bride. Its a beautiful dress by the way.
  4. I don't see why you shouldn't wear it....as far as I know, you're only not suppose to wear white. It's a gorgeous dress!, btw.
  5. Perhaps a bit too sexy for a wedding? It was lovely, but for a wedding?
  6. I think that dress is beautiful. I don't see anything wrong with it at all:shrugs:
    Not too sexy, and as mentined it's generally not OK to wear white since that is what the bride (usually) wears
  7. Stunning dress, not too sexy for a wedding. I have seen many other dressed that show way more skin then this one does. I think it is very elegant and classy. I would buy it if you LOVE it and wear it and feel good about how great you look.
  8. ABSOLUTELY....... All my friends and family know that red is my favorite color and I have worn red to numerous weddings and functions..
    I don't believe in that crap that you take attention away from the bride just because the color of your dress...she's the bride for pete's sake!!
    My bff got married in Riviera Maya Mexico on the beach and I was gutsy enough to wear ivory (mini dress, backless, NOT a wedding gown by any means....) When she found out she made a remark about her being the bride and I told her - C'mon, it's on the beach, I'll never be able to wear this dress anywhere else!! It was perfect, and once there she had no problem with it!!
  9. Wear it! It's really pretty! Maybe ask the bride first though?
  10. Sorry to be a naysayer, but I think I have to say absolutely not. You can't show up the bride! Why don't you save it for another occasion? Swanky holiday party?
  11. hi it's a gorgeous dress, but my vote is not to wear it. You will steal the bride's thunder.....

  12. Agreed. Its the only way to be sure.
  13. Wow.. that is one gorgeous dress, u need the height to pull of that kinda dress though :smile:

    Anyway, i think it's ok to wear the red dress.. but u might wanna make sure that it really is a grand wedding where the ladies is gonna be wearing full length dress and the gentlemen would be in tuxedo.. i know it's better to overdress than underdress but u don't really wanna look out of place either :smile:
    if most of the ladies are wearing full length gowns, u gonna blend right in.. but if the ladies are wearing cocktail dresses..u might wanna reconsider :smile:
  14. The dress is very pretty and not too sexy imo for a wedding. I would check just to make sure the bridesmaids are not wearing red- that would be a big no no. But I have to admit, when I got married- I did secretly make fun of the girl in the red dress at my wedding. Bright red, really called attention to herself in a neg way.
  15. Ask the bride....

    I personally thought the dress was too over-the-top for a wedding, but I don't know how formal this wedding is.