Wearing Pink ??

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  1. Is the colour pink better left for little girls ?

    Personally I like a hint of pink with lots of black.

    Whats your opinon ?
  2. I Love Pink...Pale Pink To Fuschia/Magenta.....I Love The Whole Spectrum. I'm Not Big On Dusty Pink.

    I Am A Bigger Wearer Of Black (With Accent Colors)....Pink Looks Gorgeous With It.

    ***I Am Not Partial To Pink In The Home...Unless It's A Girl's Room....A Bathroom With Pink Accents~I Could Deal With.......But, Not Dusty Pink!
  3. I:heart: Pink!!
  4. Every so often I abandon my accustomed black/khaki/denim and buy a pink Michaels Stars of some kind. I usually only wear it once or twice. Pink is a beautiful color ------ for other people.
  5. :heart:Pink! I agree pink and black is a lovely combo.
  6. Love pink, but I just can never seem to carry it off in all clothing. The only pink item I own that I look okay in is a Juicy terry sundress.
  7. The last time I wore pink and black together someone joked that I looked like Good&Plenty candy! I noticed that Victoria's Secret PINK line seems to be a big seller.

    You must of looked delicious !!! :P
  8. I really like pink. I think it's a fantastic colour for clothes and accessories - very cheerful, refreshing, and bright. I don't think it's a colour strictly for little girls at all.

    But there's one item that I would probably never wear in pink: pants. Pink pants look kinda garish. Same goes for leather pants...:sick:
  9. love wearing pink...but I wear Lilly pulitzer too, so....actually, I have a pair of pink Lilly pants at the tailors right now. Solid pink. Love em.

    I differ again on the leather pants, they are fabulous apres ski, and I have a pair from Escada that I wear when it's freezing. I always get compliments when wearing them so I know it's not just me. But they can look trashy if they're cheaply made or worn the wrong way I suppose.
  10. Pink can be worn successfully at any age IMO. As you get older I think you just need to pay attention to what you pair it with and not wear it head to toe.
  11. I love love pink!! ;)
  12. I personally look fabulous in the right pink-it seems to be 'my color' for my skin tone,so if I eliminated it,I would not feel I looked as good. So yes,I still wear pink at my advanced age. I have to agree though,head to toe pink with no break in color is scary past a certain age.
  13. it all depends on how you wear it like with most other colors, and to some degree the shade.
  14. i wear pink shirts.... but that's about it..
  15. I love pink...it looks good on my skintone so I try to wear it once in a while.
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