Wearing over the knee / thigh boots in a conservative or work setting?

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  1. I wanted to get some opinions about this. I have some dressy over the knee and thigh boots that I have worn over jeans for a date night / chic outting, but I was curious whether any of you have worn any of your over the knee / thigh boots in a work setting or conservative place of dress?

    For example, would you wear these Jimmy Choo April boots with a pencil / straight skirt that came slightly below the knee (it would be roughly a 25"-27" length skirt)? Would this look okay in that styling with the over the knee or thigh boots?





  2. No I would never wear it in a corporate environment.
  3. I would only wear mine under a long skirt
  4. When you say long skirt, are you thinking roughly a 26-27" skirt would work or think the Marc Jacobs skirt would be fine as pictured (could it be about 30" long?) What would be the right length to pull it off?

    I was thinking that if I go with a longer skirt, it really does become difficult to tell whether I am wearing a very tall knee high or slightly over the knee boot under the skirt, so I was thinking a thigh boot could just work as well since people will mainly see from below the knee down or if I am sitting, potentially knee down when legs are crossed.
  5. I think the JCs would look really nice with that MJ skirt! But it's not really something I'd wear to work...
  6. i think it'd be fine with the MJ skirt (which is really cute BTW) but not to work. business dinner....maybe. not work/meetings
  7. If not in work, what setting do you think it would be appropriate to wear an outfit like that? other than going to dinner.
  8. I think it's a nice weekend combination. Great for lunches/coffees with friends or family, shopping, going to the theatre, art gallery, book club, you name it. :smile:
  9. I would avoid the OTK look at the 3 W's - work, weddings, places of worship (^(oo)^)v
  10. It becomes interesting that when buying or having such expensive boots, that there are places that you can become limited to wearing them to.
  11. I don't think it's necessarily any different than buying clothing - like a Herve Leger dress, for example, which I would also avoid at the 3W's (^(oo)~) You'd still probably get more wear out of a pair of OTK's than you would out of a similarly priced HL dress, KWIM?

  12. A skirt that falls below the knee and is not snug enough to show off your curves. It also depends on the boots heel height and type.
  13. okay - maybe a hopeless cause to not go that route at all.
  14. I would refrain from wearing them at work; it's more of a night-out/weekend look to me.
  15. :tup: