Wearing No Hermes Items into Hermes Store

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  1. For some reason I feel like I need to be wearing my Hermes stuff (Kelly, scarf, clic-clack, etc) when I visit my store. I actually feel bad when I am carrying another designer's bag when I visit. Do any of you feel the same? Do the SA's take notice?

    I want to go visit my store today, but I am carrying a Prada bag! :rolleyes:
  2. I go into our store all the time not wearing any Hermes. I almost do it defiantly! LOL!

    Although, I think they're trained to compliment you when you walk in, I never go in there without receiving a compliment on what I'm wearing - usually something from them (Hermes) - almost to the point where I don't believe them anymore, KWIM?

    I'm gonna go in there in trackkies one day, thongs (flip-flops translated for the US people) and un-brushed hair and see if I still get a compliment!

    BTW - go and check out all the Lindy's! I was in there last night - there are SO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Actually, since I don't own any H bags yet- I am an expert in this area!:p But when I went to Beverly Hills, I was wearing my Ink Balenciaga City, and I was really surprised by the SA's reaction. She loved it, and actually tried it on and played with it, and was very complimentary. We had a blast! She then told me of H bags that she thought I would love!
  4. A - you could always go in and tell them you didn't feel right because you weren't wearing any Hermes, so you've come in to buy something!! LMAO!!
  5. ^^Great question! Most times I've visited an Hermes store, I am dressed casually nice, but I don't have one of their bags. with me. Maybe this is why they show me bags, b/c they want me to walk out with an Hermes bag:p
  6. yeah, i carried my goyard at the store onetime. the SAs made fun at my canvas bag but in the end they loved it!
  7. ITA with Jag - not everyone has H to wear into the store (although I know you do). Although sounds like you could do with a Lindy... you know.... if there are so many ;)
  8. I swear, they have at LEAST 30.
  9. THAT is GOLD! LOL! :roflmfao: Must use that. Such good ammo for "hinting" about you-know-what bag.

    I'm going to be defiant today, yes!!

    Jag, I would have been stunned if I got that reaction you did! How fun!
  10. Oh for heavens sake! I gotta see this. So the glass cabinet must be full of them, with no other styles, and they must be scattered all around the room as well. At least I'll know what they look like now.

    Are there all types of colours/leathers? Might be a good way to check out the leathers without having to conjure up the precious leather book.
  11. OK, there was NINE in the window display, but two were removed while I was there (perhaps phone orders?)......nine inside, and I got the low-down on the back room........
  12. Oh, and mostly swift...LOTS of colours, including raw pork.
  13. Raw pork! I love that!!! LOL!
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. LOL....J......I just can't get my head around Rose Dragee.......and ever since Avandome called it pork....that's what I think of whenever I see it!!