wearing nightingale with strap or without?

  1. do you ever wear your nightingale with strap or without? which is better? which one would you choose? I rarely use mine with strap so I took it off and it made my bag so heavy too
  2. I use my strap all the time since i like my hands free and its just easier.
  3. With strap all the while! It looks good when the bag slouches with the strap on my shoulder!
  4. Half/half.

    I love how the Nightingale looks carried by the handles, but I often need the hands-free option!

    I do appreciate how nicely the shoulder strap stays put when I exercise that option. It never slips off my shoulder!
  5. When I need to be hands-free, I use my shoulder strap. The bag looks like a cool hobo. At other times, I hold the handles in my hand or in the crook of my elbow.
  6. Both :smile: I love having the option of being hands free when I need to be.
  7. I think the strap makes the whole bag..wouldn't take it off :smile: