Wearing my non-crossbody bag in crossbody style

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  1. Just wanted to share. With two little kids, I find myself reaching my crossbody bags more and not wear my non-crossbody bags as much as I'd like to. I was wondering if there was a way to carry my non-crossbody Chanel bags in a crossbody way, and decided to purchase a detachable shoulder strap from a 3rd party company. And Voilà! The quality of the strap is very nice, and looks/feels very natural with my lambskin bag. Now, I am thinking about ordering a leather weaved metal strap extender so that I can wear my E/W flap in a crossbody style.

    The first picture shows the bag without the extra strap, and the rest show the pictures with the extra strap. I keep the extra strap inside the bag and when I need to wear it crossbody, I just hook it to the bag. I love it!

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  2. Can you please take pic of how you conect the strap? Looks very nice. I buy extra chain for my LV pochette to wear as cross body too :smile:
  3. Wow, looks great! The strap doesn't even look like it wasn't part of the original design.

    This inspires me to do the same :smile: Mind if I ask which website you used?

  4. +1! This idea is awesome.
  5. monogram,
    I do the same with my LV pochette, too! Here is the picture of the connector. It is very easy to attach it to the chain!

    Here is the website from which I ordered my strap:


    The owner, Lynette, has all kinds of connectors/leather/colors/chains and she can customize your strap to your preference. And she is very quick to respond to emails. I highly recommend her!!

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  6. Looks great!!!!!
  7. It looks like it's a part of the bag! I would never guess it's not part of the Chanel bag. Thanks for the tip
  8. Wow, awesome!
  9. nm
  10. Wow, looks great!
  11. Looks lovely on you :smile:
  12. The strap looks like it's part of the purse, thanks for sharing the website!
  13. omg, you posted this with perfect timing for me! I'm about to get a bag that I wish had a shoulder or crossbody strap and I've been trying to brainstorm solutions! I'll check out the website to see if something will work. Thank you!
  14. I agree with everyone. It looks like the bag was originally like that. I love crossbody bags too. Hands free!
  15. Do you all think I could do this with an m/l flap somehow. I love it but I want it cross body with this coat I have.