Wearing my Birthday Heels

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  1. Hi everyone -

    Maybe you remember the message I posted about the girls getting me some REALLY HIGH heels for my birthday last month and me wondering how I would ever wear them and not be rude to my friends?

    Well I have been practicing a bit in them and it turns out they really are not that hard to manage. I just have to watch my balance a little more than I do in my usual 4 to 5 inch heels.

    Heres a pic of me in them at a restaurant during lunch the other day. I think Im doing quite well in them. dont you? ...and I really do LOVE what they do for my feet and legs!

    Who knows - maybe I will buy a pair or 2 for myself, think thats a good idea?


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  2. Holy Jesus!! I would fall on my face in those shoes :biggrin:

    Very nice :biggrin:
  3. They look gorgeous but I'm not so convinced that I could survive a day in them :wondering
  4. OMG it looks so painful. I'd fall flat on my face after 10 seconds.
  5. Wow - those are pretty! How high are they, btw? I think I wouldn't be able to stand in them!
  6. Yikes! Those are serious heels! My hat goes off to you!
  7. WOW, like the other ladies said, I wouldn't last a minute in those! You must have great balance and strong legs, I envy you.
  8. This is a joke, right?
  9. HOT shoes, but damn how do you walk in those?

  10. Those shoes look like these. High Heels Exclusive | Pumps | Pantoletten | Sonderanfertigungen | High Heels - 6 inch High Heels PU-lm-tt

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  11. Nice! They are hot! Are the shoes comfortable?
  12. holy crap! How can you walk in them!???? They look so painful!!!
  13. My toes cried when I saw the pics..ROFL..OMG..You should get a medal for being able to walk in those!!!!!!!!!!
  14. wow that is some feat to accomplish. take a bow.
  15. Wowzers, you must have superhuman feet. Share your heel secrets.