Wearing monogram shoes and bag: tacky?

  1. What are your opinions on wearing matching LV shoes and bag at the same time? For example, a multicolore bag and multicolore ballet flats? Is it too much?
  2. Not at all I think, since shoes and bags are really accents. If you were say, wearing a MC shirt (doesn't exist, I know !) that would truly be too much.
  3. lmao
  4. I think if you go really plain on your outfit color, you should be fine.:yes:
  5. I agree!
  6. personally, i'm not a bag and shoe matcher.
    with the right outfit, it could look ok.
  7. I think it makes the outfit look really put together when the bags and shoes match. And I also agree with LV_addict on keeping the rest of the outfit a little low key :o)
  8. I Think If You Are Comfortable.....Yes.

    EDIT: I Meant Yes,You Should It Wear, It Would Look Nice. Not Yes, It's Tacky. Sorry!
  9. I wouldn't do it (I'm not a matchy-matchy kind of girl), but I don't have a problem with it. I saw someone last weekend with mono denim shoes & bag, and it didn't look bad.
  10. i think if the rest of your outfit is very simple it would be super cute. i'd stick to a bright T and jeans or white pants.
  11. :lol: !!!

    I agree with LV_addict. If your outfit is simple, you can pull of the matching bag and shoes :smile:
  12. I think I've mentioned this before, but my friend (who is on the forum) has a perforated pochette and shoes to match, and when she wears the shoes and bag together, she just looks HOT! She is absolutely gorgeous and people have actually stopped in their tracks to ogle at her :biggrin: . I don't think its tacky at all, as long as its done well.
  13. Ditto. :yes:
  14. I agree with Ayla, as long as u don't wear an LV outfit, shoes and bag alone should be fine.
  15. I personally prefer to mix it up a little. Like a Mandarin speedy and MC flats. But both is cool too. I think you have to be VERY understated with your clothing however.