Wearing LV mono w/ black?

  1. Hey gang!

    I'm never in the LV subforum, b/c I don't have any LV. But I'm thinking I need to get some soon:graucho:

    Anyway, I'm curious: Do you all carry your brown mono speedy's and other mono bags when you wear black? Usually I just feel like the LV mono is such a classic that a lot of people don't worry about matching it to their shoes or outfits (I think I've seen celebs like this). It's just their everyday bag and they wear it no matter what.

    On the other hand, do you feel the need to put down the brown mono and pick up something black when your outfit calls for it?

  2. I just wear my bags with whatever, even sweats, lol! Afterall, the LV SA's wear black, so why not!
  3. I do! Personally, I think mono looks FAB with black or any other color!:smile:
    erstebilder14pl.jpg 0002.jpg ufg_rehearse_leather5.jpg
  4. I wear it with everything, it's great ! :biggrin:
  5. I do. I think the bag really pops out against black. Then again, there isn't much I wouldn't wear with LV.
  6. I rotate my bags. It doesn't have to match. I just have to look good carrying it.
  7. I love mono and damier with black!
  8. When I wear black I actually grab my LV! I think black looks so chic with the monogramming. Why wear a black handbag so it "blends"? I'm all for contrast!!
  9. Monogram is a classic and it goes with everything. I would wear it with black. Both are "neutrals." The combination of monogram and black is very chic.
  10. im one of those who like to coordinate everything - brown & black together is a general no-no for me. but a classic LV monogram bag is an exception. i think it looks very stylish with an all-black ensemble.
  11. I think the LV momo looks amazing w/ black.
  12. I totally second that :yes:
  13. Monogram looks great with black!. Monogram is very versitile, I wear it with almost every color.
  14. IMO the mono goes with anything and everything and looks especially chic with an all-black outfit!
  15. Great pics Irene,

    I think it's even better with black outfit..