Wearing LV in the RAIN/SNOW!? Does anyone do it?

  1. Does the weather stop you from wearing your LV bags with vachetta leather? What happens if the vachetta gets a bit wet? Has anyone ever had bad experiences? It's snowing out, but I want to use my speedy!:shrugs:
  2. I try not to carry my vachetta in the rain. If I'm caught, I stuff the handles of my speedy up my shirt or jacket and RUN!!
  3. all the time. Rains is worse than snow.
  4. Wow... I thought I was the only one that did that when it started to sprinkle out a bit. But my other friends who own LV think I'm nuts. They carry their LV under an umbrella and seem to be fine with it.

    I dunno if I should do it!?
  5. I'm using my shearling storm bag now which is perfect for snow and other wet conditions.
  6. I use my damier ebene speedy in the rain and snow. I've gotten caught a few times in the rain with my mono speedy but the vachetta didn't stain. I think that if you carry an umbrella you should be ok. If you do seem to notice any waterspotting you can try to clean the vachetta with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
  7. I used my damier saleya in the pouring rain several times today without an umbrella (i.e. me + saleya were soaking wet). I didn't think twice about it...
  8. water snow no biggie my babies do fine
  9. I don't mind the rain or snow anymore for some of my bags, but others I tend to baby more.
  10. I don't do it on purpose, but I've gotten stuck in the rain and snow several times now (and I agree with Liberté, rain is worse than snow) and it has been snowing so much that the entire vachetta has been darkened, so no water spots. TBH, my speedy looks great now, but I have no idea about the long-term effects of it, so going out with a LV bag in the rain isn't something I'd recommend, but now I know that it's no disaster if it does happen.
  11. I always take my Bastille out in the rain. Can't go wrong with Damier!
  12. I don't wear my bags with vachetta in the snow/rain. I can't stand the water marks on it! :tdown:
  13. ^^^ tivo are you serious?

    i hate being caught in the rain w/ my vachette, so i just ordered the damier speedy (specifically for rainy days).
  14. vachettttaaaa is a no0o0o0o go for rain!
  15. omg no! If caught in rain or snow... I cover it with my coat... or if I am shopping I ask for an extra bag to put it in until I am safely in the car...

    Ghetto? Yes... Smart? Yes...