Wearing Love bracelet during pregnancy

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  1. Just wondering, did anyone's love bracelet became too tight during pregnancy and had to remove it? Just wondering if the swelling, etc will be an issue. I remember during my last pregnancy I couldn't put on my wedding ring.
  2. Depends on the fit. I actually got my bracelet while pregnant and had no issues. I took it off the morning I delivered and put it on after I returned back home. I am between the 16 and 17 but went with the 17. A friend of mine who is between went with the smaller and couldn’t wear it till 6 months postpartum.
  3. I did not have any issues. I just removed it close to when I was due for both of my pregnancies. I don’t like wearing it at the hospital or when my babies are brand new. Just a personal choice :smile: - congrats!
  4. I wore mine throughout my pregnancy. Even when my wedding ring became too tight, the LOVE was fine (and I wear it fairly snug to begin with).