wearing loubs

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  1. That’s a night you definitely want to be comfortable, so even though it’s a special night, wear something for the photos and bring your comfy going out shoes to change into after.
    You have to try them on yourself. Try lower and slightly wider and work yourself up. There’s nothing less attractive than a woman wearing heels she cannot walk in. That can make a pair of Pigalles look like dad sneakers. You’re better off with something lower you can strut in
  2. This really resonates with me, great advice. I'm going to check out wider heels, a friend recommended a pair of block heel loubs with studs on the heel so I'll take adequate time in the store and test out my options. :smile:
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  3. I agree that Blahniks are the most comfy but it does depend on your preference. You should practice wearing the shoes for quite awhile to see where or if they pinch.

    I usually get mine stretched out at a cobbler.

    Straps are a great way to make sure your shoes won’t slip off.
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  4. You might want to try the ‘Campari New’ from Manolo Blahnik. Similar to the Pigalle but it’s a mary jane.
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  5. Maybe a heel shaped like this would be ideal for you; you get the look of a skinny heel and the stability of a block heel.
    These are from Marion Parke. She has a few pairs with this heel. Good luck!
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  6. It seems like the discussion is heading away from louboutins.....if so, I would like to suggest looking into the Gianvito Rossi style 2847 105mm pumps....super comfy, can be worn all day right out of the box and they look fantastic....they are a celebrity fave(Kelly Ripa pretty much wears these everyday on her show)....anyway, enjoy your special day.....
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  7. Congrats on your graduation! Comfortable is not a word to describe Loubis, as many have mentioned already. I found Jimmy Choo’s Romy 100 to be extremely comfortable right out the box. Good luck in your decision!
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  8. I wore my loubs yday (informal gathering for the holidays) and they were tolerable, in as much as they did not impede my enjoyment of any festivities, but I changed out of them when I had to walk down the street for just a couple of minutes. So with this experience I have decided against wearing them for graduation. With that being said, I don't regret buying these shoes at all!

    Thanks guys for all the thoughtful suggestions! :amuse: I'm going to check them all out next week. Also, I think I'll go for 85mm height max aha, I want good photos next to my friends and fam at my graduation. :P:lol:
  9. Congratulations on your graduation!!! If u are considering the uptown with the double straps, they are on sale in the Saks store! They were originally $895 and on sale for $626 and an additional 40% off which took it down to $376! I got the 85s. They “said” the sale after today would only be an additional 30% off. Still a good deal, though. As for comfort, I’m not sure as I haven’t worn them yet.

    With that being said, my most comfortable Loubs are my belle ankle booties. I’ve wasted money on shoes that were not wearable and sold at a loss. So Try on a bunch of shoes, and walk around to see if they fit ok. I normally size up so I can pad them.
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  10. Thank you! :smile:

    Wow I would be down there in a flash, if only I weren't geographically restricted! :P That is such a great deal, I've never seen such great sales on loubs in the UK. :huh:
  11. I've only had an issue with one pair of Louboutin's. They had straps and I couldn't get them to stay on my chicken legs. My foot kept slipping out when I wore them. I have another pair of with straps but I was able to get an extra hole put in without it looking ridiculous on my ankles. I've been lucky as the rest of my CLs have been comfortable for me. My most comfortable pair of CLs is the Pigalle Plato 100. I think the platform helps with comfort. For CL's my next comfortable are Simple 85 and Belle Booties. Jimmy Choos and Prada heels are also comfortable for me. I try not to go over 100mm heel. I'm an inch shorter than you but I feel like people already get intimidated when I'm in heels.:doh: Definitely try on different styles and materials if you can. Congratulations on your graduation!
  12. Congratulations on your graduation!

    I can't give any specific recommendations as far as different models goes as I don't wear heels, but I have been working closely with lots of people who have to wear them for various professional reasons for years and walking in high heels doesn't really seem to come naturally to anyone. You have to change the way you walk or shift your weight from one foot to the other and it takes practise to walk without looking like a lumber jack. I know this might sound like a strange thing to do, but practising with a mirror or recording with your phone or something a few times before the big day would probably help a lot. You really should break in the shoes a few times before wearing them for an extended period of time, even regular flats. If you're worried about wear and tear, do it inside on a carpet. :smile: I hope it helps and good luck on your big day.
  13. Great designs need good skills too
    Practices to perfect it
    Walk with grace and confident
  14. I wore my so Kate’s to and from my graduation. I was fine!! I really think it depends on how you feel in them. Congratulations, and good luck