wearing loubs

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  1. I will be wearing a pair of loubs for graduation... and I'm not sure if this is a good idea. Do you find loubs comfortable for wearing during long periods of time, and are they easy to walk in? I haven't worn mine at all yet, just inside and obviously I find I cannot walk naturally in them like I see on tv and films haha. I am 5'9" for reference. Any advice? :smile:

    (These are my first 'real' heels btw :blush: apart from on boots - which I didn't find particularly comfortable either.)
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  2. Different Louboutin styles have differing comfort....so it depends on which style you are planning on wearing
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  3. I think you’ll need to wear them a few times and break them in before graduation (congrats!), regardless of style. The last thing you want is to be worried about toppling over when you walk across the stage.
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  4. Mine are the Pigalle Follies 100, but if you know a more comfortable shoe I am open to recommendations? I can always keep these ones for the future as I've no doubt they will be useful for my career/formal events. :smile: I was entertaining the idea of a strap because I want to lock those shoes onto my foot.

    Thank you aha! :biggrin: Ooh yeah a bit concerned about that (especially walking down those stairs off the stage, doing that in heels is :confused1:) but I remain utterly invested in wearing a nice pair of shoes! My mum will be carrying a spare pair of more comfortable shoes in her tote (I'm lucky :heart:) for the grass and longer walking bits.
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  5. Pigalle Follies are great, but in my experience, you have to wear them quite a few times before they finally break in and become comfortable for all day wear.....I find the Decolette 554 becomes more comfortable with less break in wear....anyway, just my experience.....also, the patent takes longer to break in than the kid leather.....and the Nappa ones break in very quickly...
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  6. I have enough time so I will walk around with them to break them in. :smile: Any opinion on the Uptown 100 or Jumping 100? I might even go down to the 70mm or 85mm styles if it will be more comfortable, I just dislike lower heels because I feel my feet look bigger in them :sad:
  7. I agree! the decollete are my favorite pair and I own them in 85mm. way more comfy than my 100mm.
  8. Hi: I have no experience with uptown or jumping....I am addicted to the Pigalle Follies 100, Decolette 554 100, Iriza 100, Apostrophy 100 pump and sling backs, and the older Pigalle 100...I also find Apostrophy super comfy(both pump and sling backs) pretty much right out of the box....FYI....
  9. I own the so Kate in nude and black and they are my go to shoe for any important events. Definitely break them in, wear them around the house and get used to walking in them. Practice waking up and down the stairs too! I always wear mine with those gel pads for your soles, I definitely feel the difference when I don’t and find I can wear my louboutins for much longer when I have them!

    Congratulations on your graduation, I loved mine, it was such a special day.
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  10. Nice shoes will definitely mark the occasion! I chickened out the first time and went with ankle boots (it was raining all day and there as a lot of outside walking required) and half chickened the second time and went with my tried and tested Ferragamo Carlas. Great idea getting mum to bring a spare pair for the walk, wish I’d thought of it!
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  11. Gel pads are going to be a must, thanks for reminding me! The balls of my feet will be aching at the end of the day if I opt to wear the 10cm pair that doesn't have a strap. :lol: I was also thinking of taking the shoes to a cobbler to add some sort of non-slip sole, for obvious reasons... :blush:

    I've worn ankle boots to a friend's graduation before - a very easy yet elegant option - they have always been my go to. Half tempted to wear them to mine actually but I want to switch it up a bit, walk the path to the next stage of my life in new shoes - very symbolic! :lol: :smartass: I saw a lovely pair of Ferragamo Capuas with a sturdy block heel that I nearly bought, Ferragamo is always a tasteful choice. :drool:
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  12. I'm actually going to a store sometime this week to see three pairs I've noticed online, the Mascara 70 Filketta, and Uptown - all have a strap to prevent potential mishaps from missteps. :biggrin: Keeping this pair though, for the future (already planning to use them lightly tomorrow).
  13. I have an extra question, does anyone else walk slightly weird on heels? Like, it doesn't feel natural and you don't walk like it's easy? Perhaps you stumble a bit? :huh: Find it slightly difficult to retain my decorum and elegance for more than perhaps two minutes then I begin to walk like I'm on stilts tbh .:doh:
  14. To me, the most comfortable ‘real’ heels are Manolo Blahniks. Louboutins would probably be last on my list. If you haven’t walked in heels a lot before, a needle thin stiletto wouldn’t be my first choice. Also, if you want your feet to look smaller, I think a slightly more substantial straight but still sexy heel would be better at that than a thin stiletto. Like this one:
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  15. I love the aesthetic of thin heels but you are right, I might go back for the Ferragamos aha. I'm certain I will be accustomed to wearing heels like the Pigalles I bought, I do have an insane amount of events in 2019 (and tomorrow :P) that they will be making an appearance at so I could buy a nice block heel type shoe for my graduation. :smile: Thank you for the advice, and I hadn't thought to look at Manolos before, going to check those out. Any opinion on Louis Vuitton shoes? Or other brands like Jimmy Choo? :smile: