Wearing Kelly...

  1. Sorry if this is a duplicate thread...I searched and could not find "the answer"... When wearing your kelly bag, do you...

    Close the flaps?
    Keep the flaps open?
    Use the lock? Not carry the lock?
    Use the clochette? Or not?

    I have been keeping the flaps open...use the clochette attached to one of the handle loops...lock is "hooked" through the clochette hole...

    Problem...when I open the bag, the lock (and clochette) flips to the back side...starts to irritate me a bit (and yes, I can flip it back...but...) So, should I just carry her without the lock and clochette? I like the straps open...I am a "casual Kelly" girl... LOL...I do have the strap attached...like this "accessory"...

    Love the bag!!!
  2. Hi!

    I took my clochette off for that reason, really annoying. I do keep the flaps open when I am shopping but close them if I know that I am not going to need to get into my bag in a hurry. I never did use my lock as I was advised by my SA not to do so. I only attach the strap when I think I am going to need to go handsfree.

    I do like the simple look.......
  3. I take my clochette off sometimes because it may be too busy for the outfit that day. too much gold, kwim. I think if it bothers you, take rthe darn thing off!
    Off the subject a bit....you know the rabbit ear problem with the handles on a Birkin??? I kind of fixed that by flipping the clochette on the opposite side of the handle that the clochette is hanging from. The handles now stand up!!! When I put my Birkin away the cadena or clochette is heavy enough to keep the opposite handle staight up! just thought I would mention on the flipping clochette subject....
  4. ^rose why did your SA advise you not to use the lock?

    As for me...I never carry the lock or clochette with my kelly (too much going on) but I put a scarf or twilly on sometimes.

    And I would leave the flaps open if I'm reaching in/out ...depends on where I go!
  5. Yorelica, he said that it would leave marks on the togo leather and he recommended that I keep it in it's pouch.
  6. I use my Kelly's with the flaps and straps closed I also use my clochette, with the lock I always hangle it from the shoulder strap loop. When paying over 5k for a bag, I take the time to close the bag completely and use it how it was meant to be used.

    Kelly's = my babies :love:
  7. Erm, slob at work here.

    The lock is on one of of the handle rings. Clochette etc is dangling and it does fly to the back but I don't really care. I might flip it back if I notice.

    As for the flap straps. I almost never use them. Except when the bag is in "rest mode", then everything gets done up.

    Otherwise, it's the turnkey to close the bag and if I have the energy, the flaps get pulled out, otherwise they stay squashed under.

    The shoulder strap is always on too, because I never know when I might need to sling the bag on the shoulder. When I carry the bag, I just hold both the handle and the shoulder strap in my hand. It looks surprisingly elegant. Well, maybe by my slob-like standards.
  8. ^^ rose: ooooh I didn't know the lock could do that thanks for the heads up!
  9. Wong, Sounds like we are "soulmates" in terms of flaps open, clochette dangling...might try the lock on the handle ring...or take the dang thing off... Also love the "emergency" shoulder strap option myself...

    I am a bit concerned about "lock press" as I did get a "smiley" under the turnkey on an earlier birkin from the lock resting on the bag...so, hmmm...lock on/clochette on...lock off/clochette off...

    Another OCD question...if the lock is not on, should the clochette be removed as well?????
  10. I did ask my SA about that and he said that the clochette is absolutely fine to hang on the Kelly. I just recently took it off as it became a bit annoying.
  11. Thanks, Rose! Was not sure...might switch things up a bit tomorrow...
  12. i wear my kelly with and without the straps closed. sometimes i guess i'm just too lazy to close the straps but i think it looks fine either way. i suppose i'll pay more attention and close the straps when i'm a bit more dressed up to go somewhere nice, but if it's just to go shopping i don't bother with the straps. princess grace kelly doesn't have the straps closed in some pics of her kelly and she still looks elegant carrying her bag that way. i also have the clochette attached to my bag and sometimes when i close the flap the clochette gets caught inside the bag....how annoying!!! but i still love the look of it on my bag so i guess i'll just keep it on for now.
  13. SoCal, my SA 'dressed' my Kelly the first time I'd one. And she said it's the 'right' way:-

    - hook the lock around one of the strap loops/rings on top of the bag.
    - hang the clochette on the other strap loop. This will fly to the back but she said that's the way it'll be.

    ^^ like what wong described.

    As for locking the bag, secure the flap with the turnkey, and leave the straps to dangle, under the flap, over the flap ... doesn't matter. If you leave the flap unfastened, chances are your stuff may fall out anyway.

    I only use the straps to fasten close my Kelly when I absolutely have. This is the exception rather than the rule. :rolleyes:
  14. Since the lock is on the handle loop rather than on the turnkey, you won't get a smiley. However, as Rose's SA pointed out, it could scratch the leather. I have a Box Kelly and so far haven't noticed and scratches from the lock (so far), as the lock tends to rest on its flat (slightly convex) side, there are no sharp edges to abrade.

    To answer the psychologist's OCD question - with the JPG Birkin I took off the lock (too bloody big and heavy on a bag that's already a ton to heft around) but left the clochette on. Why? Cos I overlooked taking it off after I took off the lock after a few hours. Daft, careless style-wise, but true.
  15. My Kelly's travel around with me in the same way.....

    Clochette is facing the back.
    Lock is dangling off the hardware near the handle OR if it's a "special" cadena then it's hanging on the Clochete leather,
    Strap is always on,
    Bag is closed using the turnkey and one strap. The other is left dangling under the flap.