wearing jewelry under clothing?

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  1. This seems like a dumb question, oh well. For those gals in cold weather and wearing sweaters and long sleeves, do you just wear bracelets under your sleeve? What about bangles? They are bulky under and weird over...maybe they just need to be retired in the winter? :sad:
  2. This is the look I love best: gorgeous jewelry peeking out from underneath jewel necklines or underneath longsleeve cashmere sweaters. I'm not very "bling-y", but I adore great 18K pieces and pearls.

    And I'm all about peekaboo jewelry.
  3. I don't usually wear bracelets in the winter because they bother me under and over the sleeve. I also rarely wear my watch in the winter for the same reason.
  4. I love wearing long sleeves AND I love wearing bracelets. I can't stand NOT having a bracelet and a watch on...it makes my wrists feel naked! So, even if they can't be seen, I'm still wearing them. :smile:
  5. I wear my watch under my sleeve. I don't wear bracelets at all, ever, so that's not an issue for me.

    My father's wife loves bracelets, so often in the winter she'll wear, for example, a collared button-down shirt under a fitted sweater, and cuff the shirt up over the wrists of the sweater so her wrists and bracelets show.