Wearing jewelry in Paris


Jul 28, 2008
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Hello. I was wondering if there's already a forum about this, but couldn't find it. Do you wear your engagement ring or any diamond ring , small or big diamonds, when traveling to Paris in particular since I heard about pick pocketers being rampant there? Thank you!


May 14, 2017
Hello I have travelled to Paris a few times and have always taken my diamond engament ring. While in Paris we travelled on the train and on the bus. I was never picked pocket. However i was aware as our tour guide told us to just be cautious. Just turn your rock around while on busy public places you should be fine.


Mar 1, 2012
I've been to Paris a few times and always wore my rings. Though on one trip I was there at Christmas time and it was really cold, so when we were outside I was probably wearing gloves.


Mar 28, 2014
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Oh let me jump in! I definitely wear my jewellery in Paris, as I see it as an opportunity to be extra chic. I've been targeted a couple of times by tricksters (especially that infamous "ma'am, you dropped your wedding ring" scam) but I've never felt the need to hide pieces. I have to admit, I tend to stay in very touristy places though.
Oct 17, 2006
I would not wear any expensive jewelry while traveling. I want to focus on having a good time, instead of worrying about or paying special attention to my jewelry. I want to remember my trip with fond memory, and do not want to deal with stress or regrets in case of loss or theft or robbery. As it is, I already have enough to watch our for: my passport, cash, and credit cards.


Jul 28, 2008
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Thanks for the input, ladies!! My DH wants me to leave my ER, but my heart says no. But then , it's better not to be targeted or followed just bec of that. But i would wear my 2 bands stacked anyway. :smile:)


Apr 15, 2015
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I have worn my everyday jewelry in Paris (ER, Rolex, diamond studs, etc.) with absolutely zero issues. Just do not engage if anyone approaches you (do not make eye contact, continue walking or turn away and a stern "no" if necessary) and be mindful in crowded places. It's really no different than any large city.


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Jan 27, 2006
I have worn my rings in paris and no problems at all.. i was using the public metro always and walking through many streets.. i too was targeted with famous "you dropped your ring". But thank God we read about it before.. so hubby pushed me away like crazy hehehe
My advice is wear daily what you plan to take with you.. but dont take extra and worry about where to store them etc. i say that always but i end up travelling with another set (a goldish tone) to have options! I either keep it in the safety box at the room or i carry it with me (in a tiny pouch in my handbag) Both ways it complicated things to add one more thing to worry about!
Apr 19, 2009
I'm in Paris right now and I'm wearing all my jewelry. I just removed my diamond tennis bracelet since the clasp needs lightning and I didn't want to risk losing it while sigh seeing. Jewelry might draw attention, but as long as you keep your bags zipped and close to your body, and stay aware, you should be fine with your jewels.


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Jul 26, 2017
I live in Paris, and while I think it is certainly safe to wear your jewelry most of the time I would be careful. People don't have as large engagement rings here so it can stand out. Ideally, I think you should only wear your pieces when you go out for a nice dinner and keep them in the hotel lockbox the rest of the time. If you are in an extremely nice area (think 9eme, 4eme, 8eme, 16eme, near Parc Monceau 17eme) you will stand out less, but there have been more incidents of burglary even around there recently so it's a risk. Better yet, get copies made and wear those (what I did for my engagement ring).


Jul 26, 2017
Paris, France
I live in Paris, and while I think it is certainly safe to wear your jewelry most of the time I would be careful. People don't have as large engagement rings here so it can stand out.
I live in Paris, too, and I can definitely confirm that large engagement rings stand out and attract a lot of (sometimes unwanted) attention. Be extremely careful!
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Mar 4, 2011
I usually travel with a plain gold band we got instead of my diamond set. I would be devastated if I lost them even though I've got them insured.

I meant to say I know some people who stay in high end hotels and get chauffeured to destinations so that's fine. But when we travel to Europe, we usually stay in gorgeous little boutique hotels in a great location but walk a lot and take public transport. I'm usually very aware about my surroundings and I usually feel relatively safe but there were times I felt unsafe so I'm always glad I travel without bling. Only jewelry I wear is gold ring and my love bracelet because I never remove my Love [emoji1]
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Feb 6, 2007
I made the decision to only wear my wedding band when I travel and not take my solitaire, just for simplicity really.

It's up to you - obviously don't make yourself a target (wander around not paying attention, stare at a map, leave bags open etc) but also don't imagine theft or assault can be avoided completely. Sometimes you can just be unlucky.