Wearing Ink with black clothes, yay or nay?

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  1. This is a little nitpicky to start a whole thread on, but since I can't try these colors IRL I'm dependent on PFers for guidance! :flowers:

    In my endless desire for an Ink, and reading Aallabama's delimma about Ink/Black colors being similar, I was just wondering if Ink is considered a blue or black. As in, does Ink look navy against black clothing? If it looks purple, that's one thing, but if it's navy I'd save it for other colors.

    It's multidemensional-ness (<---- best "word" I could come up with) is compelling but confusing to the Balenciaga retailer deprived!
  2. Hey TTucker,

    My ink looks navy against black clothing, so I would say nay...
  3. absolutely, positively "yay" :yahoo:
  4. I mostly wear black, which was why I got the Ink. I needed a little color and Ink was dark enough without feeling too overwhemling. I say Yay!
  5. Yes, I wear ink with black.
  6. Yay!
  7. Guess I am in the minority...I think I like to find/create justification for buying more bags?!? ;)
  8. :lol: And that reason is as good as any!! :lol:
  9. I agree with Reovi, my ink looks navy against black clothing, so I would say nay. I end up wearing it with black sometimes just because I am too lazy to switch bags.
  10. Actually, at this very moment I'm wearing jeans, a black shirt, and my ink twiggy. YAY!!!!!!!! It looks gorgeous!
  11. i think ink looks great w/everything & adds more pizzaz than black :wlae:
  12. ^^I agree with aaall!
  13. I wear black everyday almost and found it difficult to wear my ink... it really looked navy. but I think it looks fabulous with everyother color I possibly tried it on with- haha so if you dont wear black every single day like me- then go for it!
  14. I wear it with black all the time. Sometimes it looks navy, sometimes purple and sometimes black. Either way, I love it!!!!!
  15. Yay!:yes: