Wearing Heels on Grass & SoleMates

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  1. Hello! :smile:

    Have any of you ladies tried SoleMates or anything of the like? Do they help/work? I am used to wearing heels on grass, cobblestones, grates, etc., but want to be able to wear them over a long period of time on grass.

    Thank you for your help!
  2. Oh those are weird. :shocked: I've heard of them but never seen them. I usually just force my weight onto my toes. :biggrin: I suppose they might work, but they could also ruin the look of a shoe. You could also just get shoes with thicker heels?
  3. Well, that's normally what I would do, but it's actually for my wedding! So I will be standing for 30-45 minutes at least (in Louboutins). and who knows what emotions will overcome me; I might forget how to stand in heels on grass! lol I know everyone will probably suggest that I wear wedges or flats . . . My dress is short in the front, and I don't really care for the wedge style. I'm also 5'3" and fi is 6', and my dress really only looks right with some height. :sad: So heels are my "only" option. Just wanted to know if anyone has tried them yet.
  4. Well what I mean is you could wear something other than a stiletto, a shoe with a chunkier heel wont be as likely to sink. That's what the solemates are doing, distributing the weight by making the bottom of the heel bigger. But if you really want to wear stilettos I don't see much you can do other than give the solemates a try or just remember to concentrate on you toes. :biggrin:
  5. I would rather wear wedges really. I know stilettos are prettier than wedges, but once you put stoppers on the heels, it takes away from the beauty and I think they look really strange.
  6. I haven't tried either one. However, if it's only for the ceremony, then I think it would be fine then you can take them off for the reception! This way you can have your "heel" for the outside part (and not have to think about how to walk in grass) then look gorgy at the reception!
  7. A friend used SoleMates for her wedding and I thought they were going to look a little odd but you really couldn't see them in the grass at all. I actually didn't realize the bridesmaids were wearing them too until they took them off to go inside.
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  8. Really? Maybe they're only noticeable up close (like the pics on the websites). My sister is getting married outdoors this fall, and I'd love something like this - but I want everyone looking at her, not the weird things on our shoes. kwim?
  9. Totally - that's what I was thinking too. But the grass covers the bottom of your heel and you really don't notice them at all.
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  10. Good point on that! :smile:
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