Wearing fake or demolished Louis

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  1. I'm by no means a "purse snob". I usually wear contemporary bags - I have a lot of Coach, MK, Brighton, Dooney, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch. I buy most of my bags gently used, and I have managed to get a few "luxury bags" - 1 Chanel, 1 Louis Vuitton, several Prada, a Fendi, and a Bally. I recently moved to an area where LV is ALL the rage, and I constantly see fake neverfulls, and completely demolished speedys (with pipping hanging out and all). My question is why? I'd rather wear a new looking Coach, than a completely demolished looking LV (or worse still, a fake!). I don't think anything if someone is wearing a Walmart bag, but I just don't get people wearing very damaged or fake bags....
  2. I don't know. I'm guessing it's cause some people just don't care how they look to and perceived by others because it's not a priority of theirs. :confused1:
  3. Some people don't freight over their bags as much as we do. This is The Purse Forum after all.
  4. My guess would be that the cache of wearing a designer brand takes precedence over the fact that the bags themselves are 'less than' or tawdry.
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  5. I agree with alansgail.

    I would rather wear a new looking non-designer or contemporary bag than a completely beat up LV.
  6. Sometimes a worn bag can be seen as like a look how much I can use this bag. Or a I can treat my bag like crap because I don't care about money.

    I knew a girl who came from a wealthy family and tossed her bags around like nothing because she could always (and will) get a new one when she wanted it.

    Then there's people who see it as a point of pride to have a bag beat to heck because it can survive that. My friend is like that with this Longchamp bag I got her.

    For wearing a fake, it's to attempt to impress others.
  7. Yeah i don't understand that either. i can't stand it if my bag is dirty let alone damaged.
    Maybe they have a different perspective on bags. To each their own.
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  8. I'm very OCD about my designer bags...any speck of dirt or stain drives me nuts BUT I also like the look of slightly broken in bags. Keyword: SLIGHTLY. lol. I take great care of my bags but I also use them on a rotating basis so none ends up looking overly used/loved.
    As for fakes, well, I was guilty of that back in my college days. Now that I'm more financially capable, I wouldn't even think of buying one. I guess it all depends on your financial circumstances.
  9. I love the look of a well worn good quality leather bag. Not trashed or abused but used and enjoyed, so the bag looks functional and not just a fashion accessory. Like the bag and owner have a life.
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  10. Unless they are purse lover, I don't think most people care.
  11. I think many people don't care about their bags. I know many people that need their bags to be a workhorse and they use them as such. When it comes to fake bags, I think many people don't know it's fake. Unless you truly know about the brand, you have know idea that you can only buy new LV at LV.
  12. For most it's just about having the current "IT" bag/brand and the perceived status that goes along with it; some people can't tell the difference between authentic and fake, some of those who can don't care so long as they 'have' the brand/label, and then there are those who shop on a poor-decision budget (grabbing a junk LV off of eBay just because it's $100). Heck, I've seen some women who will spend the money for a brand new bag, fail to take care of it, and after 2 short years it looks like it's ready for the bin.
  13. An LV SA told me that the vachetta is at its best when it's dark and has been used.
    She also recommended cutting the piping off since it was exposed instead of getting it replaced.
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  14. Personally I own new contemporary bags, new premium bags, and used premium bags. My most loved LV bags are vintage mono where the vachetta has a nice patina. They don't have any cracks in the canvas or exposed piping (I actually really dislike that look) but I really enjoy that the item was made to stand the test of time, and I think the materials and craftsmanship was better ten plus yeas ago.

    Also, a lot of "old money" wealthy people use designer goods until they're literally falling apart. They want the best items but they also want their money's worth, and they don't care who doesn't like that their horsebit loafers are scuffed or that the piping of their bag is a little worn down.
  15. That is absolutely true. A bag that has been well taken care of will develop the most lovely dark patina, which is when the leather shows its true beauty. But for that, one must be very patient and clean the leather regularly so it can oxidize without getting filthy.
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