wearing diamonds to the beach

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  1. Hi all,

    is it harmful for diamonds to be worn to the beach/swimming?

    i wore my engagement ring 24/7 when i was on holiday and i noticed that the metal on the band got scratched, now i'm kind of paranoid that the center diamond is also damaged somehow... i keep touching the girdle to feel if it's chipped.

  2. Some people never take their rings off, but I always take them off when I wash my hands, bathe and definitely before getting into a pool. I think the big concern is the band/metal holding the diamond being damaged by the water and not so much the diamond itself.
  3. I see tons of people wearing their rings and jewelry to the pool and beach every year we are on vacation. I always take my engagement ring and my right hand ring off when I go to the beach or pool. The only two things I wear are my wedding ring and my love bangle. If you didn't hit your setting on anything hard I don't think anything has happened to your diamond, it takes a pretty hard hit to chip it. Gold or platinum will scratch just from wearing your jewelry, it doesn't mean you damaged it. Of course you can take it to your jeweler to make sure! Good luck!:smile:
  4. I wear mine unless I'll be doing water sports. The only thing I don't like is over spray from my SPF getting on it. Water doesn't loosen stones.
  5. Normal beach/water activities won't damage your diamond; the only thing that's of real concern would be if the setting somehow got slightly bent or damaged. Personally I don't wear any jewelry to the beach, but that's just because I'm fussy about getting sunblock/sand/dirt on it. Piggies = anti-dirt (^(oo)^)v
  6. Have you ever been to the beach later in the evening and seen all those guys with metal detectors scratching over the sand?
    They are making a good living locating the jewelry (especially rings) that people wore to the beach.
    Your fingers change sizes going in and out of the water with different temperatures and your rings just slip off and won't be found by you (unless YOU carry a metal detector).
    The water won't hurt your diamond at the beach nor will it hurt your gold or white gold (chlorine at the swimming pool and your white gold is a different story). But your chances of losing your ring are very good.
    If you did it already and got away with it, your ring is probably fine, but as stated above, you can bring it to your local jeweller and have it checked out for your peace of mind.
  7. Thanks everyone for replying!

    i don't think i'll be wearing my e-ring to the beach anymore. i did not know that chlorine could damage white gold, thanks for that piece of info!
  8. I don't wear my jewelry to the beach, though I don't go to the beach much so it wouldn't matter. I don't swim in pools either, but if I did I would not wear jewelry to that either.

    Chlorine will hurt your gold, but not salt water.

    Id be more worried about losing the entire ring than a stone.
  9. Diamonds will not get harmed with beach activities but will get dirty with body oils, sweat, lotions, dirt/sand and salt. I never wear real gems at the beach out of fear of losing them, I always wear cz.
  10. I always wear my rings to the beach, and I've never had a problem.
  11. agree with everyone...the beach will not hurt your stone, but will get it dirty. the gold will be scratched by the sand. I never wear jewelry to the beach for fear of losing pieces & because I can't stand it when they get dirty from sunscreen & sand.
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    LOL@FrickFrack's av. I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY SETTLED> That was a pile of horse x.
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    ^hehe...LL is nutso. they were not making fun of her. IMO they should have fought it to the end!


    OP-- is your e-ring WG? if so, you'll need to have it replated with rhodium yearly (less or more...depending on your level of wear & tear). keeping your beauty away from the sand will help to keep the rhodium bright & shiny for a much longer time! ;)
  14. i'm one of the few people who constantly takes my rings off. i can't stand wearing my rings (with the exception of a plain gold band—sometimes nothing at all. hey, i know i'm married). while working out, playing tennis, going swimming, skiing, etc. for me, it's just not practical and i never understood how some can do this. i also worry about losing them but mostly getting in the way.

    but of course, everybody is different.

    not sure if sand can damage a diamond, per se, but i'm sure it can cause the diamond to loosen if the grains of the sand get in between the prongs. not sure though.

    you should ask a jeweler just to be certain.
  15. I've worn my rings to the beach and never had an issue with them. I shouldn't worry if I were you, OP.