Wearing Celine Daily? NYC

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  1. So I have a question:

    I'm moving to the ~trendy~ (so I've been told) part of Brooklyn, NYC next week (from a more suburban/not big city west coast city) and will be commuting to the fancy part of Manhattan (where I can't afford to live) daily for work.

    I have been lucky enough to procure a few nice bags that I want to use as my work bags, the crown jewel of my collection being a giant phantom I got to schlep around my computer and notepad.

    About me: I'm an early 20's guy, relatively fashion forward (I hope) and I just don't want to be "that guy"... I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard like some NYC gossip girl wannabe. But, I did work for my bags and bought them with money I earned.

    Unless I'm spending all my time on the upper east side bumping shoulders with people who summer in the Hamptons (which I won't be), is it too gaudy to carry around a bag like that?

    I don't want to stick out for the wrong reasons.
  2. I have Celine bags and I love them to bits and I won't let any situation dictate when I use them. If you love your bags then wear them with pride and don't pay any heed to what other people think.
  3. I don't live in NYC but I've been there enough to think that no one will think twice about your bag. I've seen so many high end bags there they they kind of blend in with the crowds. If you commute to a more affluent part of NYC, I would think no one will even notice your bag.

    I would be interested to hear the opinion of anyone who lives in the city. Regardless, use it and love it!

  4. You will be fine. Are you moving to dumbo/Brooklyn heights? In the area people go from no name, mz Wallace to Chanel, lv, Hermes , Celine. It's such a fun place to be living.
  5. No, no one will notice. Designer bags are a dime a dozen in NY.

    What you do have to avoid is being that obnoxious guy who takes up too much space on the train with your huge bag.
  6. I live in Manhattan. I use my designer bags on the subway, bus, cab with no problems.
  7. Haha we fit the same criteria!

    I am almost in my early 20s (I'm 19), relatively fashion forward and also spending time on the upper east side for work...Welcome to the club haha!!

    I have the same huge phantom and it is totally fine. Rock whatever you like. Don't ever feel like you're in gossip girl...trust me as a person that was born and raised in NYC...gossip girl is FAR from the reality of the upper east side. You won't stick out. Enjoy your beautiful bags with ease and in good health.

    And congrats on the big move across the country!
  8. I've worn my Celine bags all over the world and many times in NYC and don't think you'll have any trouble...even on the subway...the only thing I've ever run into is someone asking "is that bag real" and "how much does it cost"
  9. I can tell you unequivocally that no one will care about what bag you are carrying. Just don't be "that guy" who won't step all the way in the subway car because he's afraid to crush his bag. Or the guy who hogs the pole or the seat. As long as you're not "that guy", we'll get along. Written by someone who commutes daily on the subway in Manhattan.

    BTW, I hope you're not relying (solely) on the L train because that might be shut down for repairs for a while.

  10. +1 just be chill about everything and you'll blend in.

    And yeah don't rely on only the L. Make sure you have the G train nearby.
  11. I live in east village Manhattan but visit bedstuy a lot to visit friends. I use my micro luggage a lot. But I have definitely downsized my collection. I prefer much smaller crossbody bags because my days are long and I'm constantly on the go (and I mean walking).
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    I'm sure this was echoed in some of the comments above but..

    I do live in NYC and am all over the place in terms of neighborhoods- Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, whatever. Like someone did say, your fancy bags ARE a dime a dozen. It doesn't mean some people won't look or you should leave it unattended, but honestly I thought back in the day when I bought my first Prada bag it was going to be such a big deal carrying around a designer bag or I'd be some target of theft.. but, so far so good!

    People in the know may complement you, people who don't know just think its a nice bag. Honestly, what sets you apart from the snobs is not your bag but your attitude. When I see someone with a bag I love or I know is expensive I also look to see how that person carries themselves.. Do you try to hit people with your phantom? Do you wear your sunglasses indoors and in the train? Does your bag enter the room before you? Then, yeah some people might might think you're a gossip girl.. Because they do exist; grown up gossip girls (sales associates, coworkers, passerbys) that are looking to make judgments based off what you decided to wear that day. You just have to carry the bag like its a bag.. a pretty thing.. but not an extension of yourself that gets its own seat at lunch.

    I actually recently got a phantom too. It has such a big and bold presence I was afraid it might be too much for everyday wear. I was actually nervous wearing it around family and friends?!.. but that's how I like to wear my bags! to get coffee, to work, to go shopping. I don't like limitations. And guess what, most people don't even know what the hell my bag is.. Its not like I'm decked out in Gucci and Burberry logos... so.. to answer your question.. if you're worried about being that guy, wear anything you want with any bag that you want but wear it with grace and a smile. Make people surprised that you don't fit some stereotype and that you can own a $$$ bag and still be a kind person!
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  13. Enjoy using your bag around & about where ever you go...

    You'll fit in very well because many have designer bags that walk the streets
    & take the trains...

    At the end of the day, it's about being a decent guy which you sound like you are!!
  14. ALL THIS!!

    I live in NYC as well and I wear my high end designer bags and love them. I also see a bunch every where I go.
  15. Thanks everyone for the kind replies! I start my job tomorrow, Celine in hand (unless it's raining lol).