Wearing Cartier love bracelet like a bangle? Anyone?

Jan 29, 2010
Does anyone own a love bracelet in a size that fits them really loose like a bangle?
Or does anyone have two love bracelets one being two sizes bigger than the other?

I like the look of kylie jenners love bracelets and I have one yellow gold bracelet in an 18 and thinking of getting a white gold in a 20
What do you think ?
Does anyone have any pics of what the size difference will look like on the arm?

Thank you to anyone who replies :smile:


Jan 23, 2012
I have two loves of different sizes. WG 17 and YG 16. love the different look together and separate. The 17 sits in the top of my arm and the 16 lower. I haven't had much trouble on them banging together…well so far. I like the two sizes and colors because it doesn't look like one solid bracelet. Both bracelets give a different look when solo. Thats what I've found