wearing BOX across the body?

  1. OK....My first B-bag, INK FIRST is arriving tomorrow, now I start thinking that I should get one which can be worn across the body.
    The CITY is gorgeous, but I'm very very petite, and afraid CITY is too big to me.
    What do you guys think about box? I just saw one on eBay and it seems the strap is long enough. What do you guys think?
  2. No, the strap is probably not long enough unless you don't mind having the strap really close to your neck...
  3. can't wait to see your ink. if you don't mind me asking, how petite are you? i am 5'1" and i use my city almost everyday. the box does have a longer strap but it is still not long enough to wear across the body. HTH.
  4. I saw one on eBay, it says the strap is 26.5inches, isn't it longer than the city strap?
  5. I'm 5', is the strap for city long enough to wear across the body? I want a messenger bag desperately...
  6. 26.5 inches? Really? Color me shocked! I just measured my Part Time strap today and it was only 24.5 inches (not including the strap hardware, though). If it's that long, then I guess maybe it's very doable. I was assuming the Box strap would be no longer than the City strap.
  7. I don't have a city. Here is a picture from ebay, does the strap look long to you? TIA!

  8. yeah, i would suggest getting one in the messenger style. i do sometime wear the city across my body but only in situation when i need both my hands. but i sling the body of the bag onto my back. feels fine to me. on the other hand, wearing the box across my body feels too uncomfortable.

    the city sits higher on my body compared to the box.
  9. That's true..it's much more comfortable to sling the bag on the back when the bag is big and flat. For BOX, it's very weird to do so.
  10. I think I've heard of some members wearing the part time across the body since it's strap is longer than the city...
  11. I guess part-time is too big to me, isn't it bigger than city?
  12. Does anyone know where I can still get a Box? Are they still sold?

    I really really want a Magenta one, esp.
  13. Yeah ... if you're already worried about the City being too big for you, then the Part Time probably isn't going to be an option for you.

    Here we are again ... on that recurring topic of how Balenciagas are severely lacking in the shoulder/messenger carry department!!! ;)

    Balenciaga - are you listening?*

    *(in a french accent) "no of course we are not listening ... we are planning to continue making these ridiculously short straps to taunt you."
  14. Yeah....this is a BIG problem!! They can at least make some thing like the keychain extender....
  15. Dryad, you are in the same situation as I am. I posted a thread yesterday regarding wanting a messenger. Most Pfers said NO to the City...One women posted pics of her PartTime as a messenger and it looked really good. Ill try to find the thread for you.