Wearing belts under or over shirts...

  1. I just found this gorgeous, western-style antique plaque buckle belt. I'd love to wear it with just a plain fitted tee and jeans, but it seems all the tees nowadays hit at least lower than the hip, thus covering the belt. What's a good solution? Look for short tees or find lower riding jeans.....? OR would it look cute for me to wear the belt OVER the tee?
  2. Wear it over the shirt. I do it all the time :smile: it's a great look.
  3. Or you can kinda bunch the shirt up in the front a little to show off the buckle, but let it hang down normally in the back. The back of the belt will be covered, but it's the lovely buckle that is the real showstopper.
  4. usually i go for longer tee, preferably slouchy one... and of course a low rider pants.
    and put the belt over the slouchy tee on hips.
  5. you guys, thanks for the tip - i will try both ways. do you guys know which designers make the best fitting low-riding jeans? I don't seem to have much luck with sevens.
  6. jeans is a kind of very hard to say things...
    i guess every brand works well in different body type.
    it's hard to say :P you have to try everything until you found the right one! :P