Wearing Bandeau ?

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  1. I tried to search for this and can't find anything....

    When you ladies wear your LV bandeau in your hair (like headband) how do you keep it from slipping? The silk always seems to want to slide off my head!
  2. i try not to put it too far back...i dont know if im making sense..sometimes i put a thin elastic headband so that it doesn't slip too much.hope that helps :smile:
  3. I wear mine as a headband, but I have really curly hair, so I am lucky that it doesn't slip.
  4. I would love to see pictures!!!;)
  5. If you have any hairpins, you might use one on either side to help with the slipping. I have that same problem.
  6. i put one the these on before hand to keep it from sliding.

  7. OOOh thoes look like they would work perfectly.
  8. Oh thanks! Did you buy them at someplace like Wal-mart?

  9. Target has them.
  10. oh, nice idea! Bandeaus never work for my head so I haven't really used mine.

  11. TY
  12. Scunci makes a product called the scarfband that you can weave or wrap bandeaus around. It's basically a plastic headband with grips to hold your hair. I got my set (2 bands plus 3 scarves) at Ulta for about $6. You can see the scarfband sets and the different ways you can use them with scarves on the main page of Scunci's site:

  13. The stayput looks really nice, and I have SUPER slippy hair. But I find that 2 bobby pins, one on each side, will keep in in place pretty much all day.
  14. I got mine from target but they sell them at wal-mart too. they even have skinny ones in pastel colors that i'm going to get for holding my bangs back while working out. i think it was like $3 or $4 for the 3 pack.

    i have this also but i've never used it. i got the black/red pack & the brown/green pack.
  15. Such good suggestions! I will have to remember these!