Wearing a very blingy diamond ring on your right versus left hand...help!!!!

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  1. I recently posted pics of my new ring and I have a question for all of you...Would it be ridiculous to wear this ring on my left ring finger when I am not engaged?? I have a very serious (cohabitating) realationship with my boyfriend and we probably WILL get married...someday.

    However, until then, I have this beautiful ring and I wear it on my right ring finger. The major issue is that I shake people's hands a lot and with this ring, it cuts my surrounding fingers during a handshake. Even if it does not break the skin, it HURTS. What should I do???

    Taking it back to my jeweler is not really an option because I already have had it remade 3 times total. My original ring was my engagement/wedding ring and I got divorced (don't feel bad, he was a jerk:yucky:) and I traded it for completely diferent diamonds, etc. and recently had the whole thing reset with pave diamonds all over it.

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  2. No, there is nothing wrong with wearing this ring on your left ring finger. It will look stunning! Your beautiful ring does not look like an engagement ring.
  3. People may think it's an engagement ring, but who cares? It's a gorgeous ring, and you should definitely enjoy it!!
  4. Your friends know you aren't married and hey, if men think you are - it'll keep them from hitting on you LOL
  5. I think you should take it off and send it to me!

    Seriously, wear it how you wish! It's your ring. If anyone asks, just tell them it's an "I love me ring"!
  6. SwirlyGirly, you just made me LOL at my desk as work! :roflmfao:...Thanks for starting my Monday (and a holiday at that) off right!
  7. If anyone gets funny about it just tell them you're from Holland. In alot of European countries the wedding band/engagement ring is worn on the left.

    It really doesn't matter what hand or what finger you wear it on. Such a beauty.
  8. That ring is stunning! Wear it!!! Who cares what hand. :smile:
  9. Who cares what hand the ring is on - it's gorgeous!
  10. do you wear your engagement/wedding rings on the right in america?
    the finger yours in on is the engagement finger and the way riffraff explanined that makes me think you wear them on the right? wow i never knew!
  11. Yes, in the pic it is on my left hand because on another thread I wanted to post pics of my new ring and new watch:P so I just put the ring on my left. I have been wearing it on the right normally.
  12. wow! That's some bling:drool: Question: Is your left finger the same size as your right? The reason I ask is that mine is about three quarters of a size different, and I'd have to take the ring back to the jeweler for resizing. I wonder if you'd have to, too. I can' tell the detail on the shank of your ring, would you have any problem with resizing? Just something for you to consider.

  13. Yes, my left ring finger is significantly smaller than my right. I can't really safely wear it on my left hand right now, but if I have it sized smaller there is no going back!

  14. ITA! Do what is most comfortable for you:yes:
  15. hmm how about trying to wear it on the left middle finger since its you said your left right finger is significantly smaller than your right? but then again it really is up to you...it could be either your right or left...it shouldnt matter :biggrin:
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