Wearing a fake to shop IN the COACH store?

  1. While I was buying my Ergo today... I almost embarrassed myself staring at the bag of the woman next to me. She was carrying what looked like it wanted to be a Legacy Stripe Katy tote, but the workmanship was terrible - the Stripes didn't match up along the outside seams of the bag, and in the middle of the stripes were gold-tone printed COACH lozenges (like what's embossed on the hangtags.) I could NOT believe my eyes. I think she bought a keychain or something - super super small. I didn't say anything out loud to anyone. But even the SA handling her looked a little squicked out.

    *le sigh* If you're going to the COACH store, wouldn't you at least leave the fake at home for that transaction?
  2. Oh everytime I have been in the store there is always someone in there with a "bad" fake. I even got into a debate once with a lady saying how she loved her fakes and the real ones were so high. *sigh*
  3. :wtf: How tacky!
  4. I think a person must have balls to walk into a coach store with a fake..ignorant balls, but balls....when I was in the outlets, a lady came in with an ugly fake,and littlerally the store stoped, people stared, jaws dropped and heads turned....
  5. :wtf:
  6. It happens, I see fakes throughout the mall so I am not surprised they would walk into coach carrying them.
  7. Beyond tacky!!!!!
  8. I see it all the time. We even have people come in and ask if we sell the fakes. WTF?
  9. I think there are some people who honestly don't know they're carrying fakes. They are just not informed or educated about fakes and buy them thinking they're just cheap real ones or they get them as gifts and have no clue that they're not real. I'm sure there are some who are that blatant but I think there are plenty of others that are just plain clueless. Sad that there isn't someone in their lives to inform them kindly of the truth. I've taught my dh and my mom so far.

  10. :wtf:

    I have no idea if I would :roflmfao: or :crybaby:if I was in your position
  11. My SA always tells me about people coming in with fakes. She said one lady came in with one and was so proud carrying it and then the lady was like " You don't have my new spring bag here!" The lady actually thought her bag was real.

    She said alot of people who say they buy them in New york or china for much cheaper when complaining about the prices, are always carrying fakes.
  12. WOW! The nerve of some people.
  13. Ditto. :tdown:
  14. OMG, I was at Coach today and I swore I thought I saw someone with a fake,, LOL. I would never in my wildest dreams do that.
  15. :tdown::wtf: