Wearability Question Please: CL Satin 'Maria' Slingbacks?

  1. Not quite sure of the name--please correct me if I'm wrong--but does anybody have experience w/ these shoes? How wearable are they? Thank you... ;)
  2. Those would make the perfect wedding shoe! But i don't think i would get much wear out of them because the are ivory and satin which = dirt.
  3. prettty and i agree, they look like the perfect wedding shoes!
  4. They look like the moonbow in a slingback version. I don't know the name either. I think they would be comfy because they are a lower heel and a sling. The only thing I would be unsure of is the satin.
  5. I know that satin shoes were really in this season, bit the trend was pretty much limited to closed toe styles. Still, those are cute, and can be worn for events like Easter and to other dress up events. If they get dirty, you can always dye them.