Wearability of Courier?

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  1. Sorry...one more question today...SORRY! :P

    Yesterday was the first time I actually tried on B-bags and I'm still trying to sort out the options. I need shoulder carry and when I mentioned that the SA at Shirise gave me two options: Courier and Day - and then mentioned all of the others that have that attachable strap.

    I decided to stick to the 'regular' shoulder bags: the Day was cute but a little hobo-ish. Not as professional for me to carry to work everyday, although I'm still thinking about that.

    BUT, I also tried the Courier in Caramel. WOW, what a bag! It was amazing - but immediately thought it was too big for everyday.

    Anybody break that huge bag barrier and wear the Courier everyday? Any chance Balenciaga would make a smaller version? It would be PERFECT if it were a little smaller...

    Also, thanks to Kat (I think) for suggesting the Twiggy. It's a totally different look than the big, slouchy shoulder bags. It's a tidier, square-ish shoulder bag (with the strap) but it's not so bulky as the City...It would be a great *handbag*. I need to decide if I want that or more of a work bag.
  2. I really love the courier.... definitely my next retail purchase. :smile:
  3. I agree with Mimi- I love the courier too! I want one so bad!
  4. I use my everyday! Yeah, it's large .. but because there is an adjustable and fairly wide shoulder strap, it's actually very comfortable to wear on the shoulder. You could even put it across the chest (messenger style). In my opinion, this beats the Weekender for traveling (although I do love my Weekenders!).

    Here's a picture of my Cornflower Blue Courier:
  5. I love that bag! :love: The pic brings it all back. Shirise had it in Caramel. OMG, it was amazing. The great thing was it was so lightweight. You couldn't carry an MJ bag of this size without tilting!

    Courier or Day....Courier or Day?? :roflmfao:

    Oh, does anyone know the retail prices of each (just to confirm?) I believe Day is $1000. ($995 or something, but I'm rounding)...how much is the Courier?

    I'm in love. Frankly, I just may have to get them both. I would go on extra trips if I had the Courier just sitting in my closet.
  6. ^^ Hehe - I'm in the exact same situation. :biggrin: The Day is $995, the Courier (regular, not extra) is $1095.
  7. Summertime -- Have you check ed this website out? It is really helpful:


    There is a link towards the botton "Balenciaga motorcycle style reference" and it has prices/dimensions.

    If you already have seen this website, please disregard.
  8. I can't believe a size that humongous (is that even a word? :lol::shame:smile: is still cheaper than the City!
  9. Chigirl, thanks! I looked at the guide yesterday, but it doesn't list the retail for the Courier.

    Thanks all. I actually think I'm going to save for both and see what unfolds. By the time I actually get ready to buy the pre-fall colors will be out and I'll know more about the new leather.

    Right now I would say I want a Day in Fall Caramel and a Courier in that Fall blue/ocean color. I hope I don't have to pre-order.

    Still two months away (at least) until these are available. :shocked:

    Wow, finally a ---decision. Thunk. :ninja:
  10. Summertime, not to confuse you but ..... if you are looking for a great shoulder bag why not get a Purse? It is a great everyday shoulder bag. I have one in pale rose. Here's a pic for your reference.
  11. 0o0o, yeah! i think the courier is going to be my next b-bag... or the hobo or the weekender! thanks for posting up a pic, ceejay,

    summertime... i think the courier looks wonderful!!! good luck on what you decide!

    ***waves to kats b-bag purse***
  12. Kat....NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Alright. I'm spending my 'special Mother's Day time out for Mom' trolling the back pages of the B-bag forum and LOVING IT! Anyway, after who knows how many posts and staring at the atelier-naff forum page by page....I THINK....I THINK...I have a decision. LOL! It's completely different than an hour ago. :shocked:

    I discovered the Shopping! I think it solves my 'looking professional' problem (not 'professional' as in 1980s brown shoe law firm, of course. No B-bag passes that test. I work in a conservative firm that allows everyday business casual but still debates it.) So the Day bag was just looking to boho to me. It's just slightly too long and hippy.

    I didn't realize the Shopping bag is shoulder carry! THat's it! It's the exact dimensions of the Tod's D bag Grande that I thought I wanted but with more spunk. It's a tote with an open top and has a 6" drop. So, there! My perfect B-bag.

    I think I want the Shopping in the Fall blue/ocean color and I still want a Courier in some other color now...maybe the Caramel - it's awesome. But the Shopping first. OMG. I'm sooo glad I didn't jump in and buy the Day yesterday. I knew it wasn't exactly right.

    So now you'll tell me the Shopping has been discontinued or something, right?

    Anyway, thanks for listening to me flipping all over the place trying to find the perfect bag. :roflmfao: ;) :biggrin: It took me less time to find and buy a car.
  13. Oh, BTW, the car was an Audi A6. Took about 15 minutes to decide on the make/model. We drove to the dealership, saw one in the lot and said 'that one'.

    We used carsdirect.com to find the price and viola! Gotta love it. Good thing I didn't do all this 'thinking' at the store. They would have thrown me out.
  14. LOL... I saw the shopping bag at NM in Cognac (s/s 06 color) so I'm assuming they will not discontinue it next season (I hope so - you can always call Joseph at BalNY [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]1 212 206 0872 and ask him about next season's sizes[/FONT][/FONT]). I must say I really enjoyed reading your stories, summertime, and can't wait to see pics once you get them :yes: Thanks for sharing! :heart:
  15. I have all three - the Shopping, Day and Courier. By far my favorite is the Courier then the Shopping. I just hate that the Shopping doesn't have a zipper. I use the Day the least of all my bags, City bags included.