Wear What Fits - Sep 17th at Union Square, San Francisco

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  1. http://explore.levi.com/news/levis-curve-id/

    I have work, but if you're free and in SF, go get a free pair!
  2. booooo I wish I knew about this last night!
  3. when i went by this morning at 8:10 the line was a quarter of the way wound around union square. ;) good luck!
  4. I work about 5 minutes away but there is no way I'm standing in that line! I'd rather pay for the privilege and buy them at my convenience.

    It was the same thing a few years ago when they were giving away Manolo Blahniks for the Sex & the City movie promo.
  5. ^I think I would stand in line for Manolo's over Levi's
  6. Agreed. But when you got to the front of the line you weren't even guaranteed that they would have a pair left in your size. So what's the point?

    Most of the shoes went up on Craig's List that same day.
  7. They had that same event in NY and a lot of people showed up only to find out it had been canceled. I didn't go but it was on the news
  8. oh snap, didn't think of size issue, then I wouldn't haven't stood in line either