Wear Twilly w/ Kelly pochette? Which one?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm going to buy the Kelly pochette as a present for the woman I've mentioned, and I was thinking about also attaching a twilly. Do any of you use a twilly with the KP, possibly tied in a knot at one end of the handle? (or even using an actual scarf or pocket square with the KP?)

    My NM only has about 4-5 twillies, and I suppose the one that I'd get is the black Brides de Gala twilly. I normally prefer lighter colors in the scarves (like the pink and red w/berries, or the lighter Brides de Galas), but I guess that pattern does match the black Kelly pochette. Which twillies would you wear, or recommend for either a black Kelly pochette, or for the gold KP? Thanks again for your help and advice. Post pics if you have any.

  2. If you are getting the black with pall h/w, I would suggest the black Tokyo twilly.
  3. Have you considered slipping an engagement ring inside, Adam? This is sounding like a serious present!
  4. Certainly a wonderful (and logical) suggestion MillStream! With all the extravagant presentations and gifts I've given her, I figured that I'd better come up with something truly amazing for a ring. I suppose an H. Kelly is as good as any idea, although who knows... I hadn't thought about it with this. Not sure if this is the time yet for that, so we'll see. But definitely at some point, and hopefully with a brilliant and breathtaking manner, who's story would warrant telling to grandchildren (lol).