Wear to shop in San Diego?

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  1. Hello! It seems like there are quite a few girls here from San Diego, so I was wondering if you could please give me a list of stores I must visit while in town on vacation next week.

    I am looking for cool little boutique stores that have tokidoki, cool toys (collectible figures), and other cool clothing stores. Also, which department store locations have large selections of tokidoki still in stock?

    Thank you! It's hard to find all the cool shops when you're not local.

    - Dana

    p.s. Has anyone done those tour things wear they drive you down to Tiajuana? Are they legit/non-scary? I think we want to go, but not sure... Input?
  2. Macy's and Bloomingdales has toki bags. Oh now Loehmann's has em too. As far as toys, i know The Orphinage (3rd ave in chula vista).

    I'm sure other SD girls will know more too! =)

    Haha i've been to TJ. ya know, if you're with a bunch of people.. tons of tourist go there. THey take the trolly and then just walk right through the gate.. just follow the crowd! I've never driven.. maybe once.. but trolly works.. or if you dont want to walk thru the gate.. there are tons of cab drivers. Just be sure to bring a lot of 1 dollar bills so you can tell em that's all you got when you wanna bargain LOLOLOL. Cabbys know where to take the tourists!
  3. mmm...

    the orphinage (in chula vista)

    5&adime (downtown sd.. not sure if they carry tokidoki toys because i haven't been there in awhile.. but there's other toys and clothing and such! nice manager too!)

    i think there's a couple of boutique stores around oceanside or something that carries tokidoki.. forgot the name though :[ no nordstrom's in sd has tokidoki.. but bloomie's and basically all macy*s have tokidoki :]

    hope you enjoy your vacation! as for the tj thing.. i have no idea, sorry! :/!!
  4. hi Peachfuzz.. that's all i know too! Our Urban Outfitters don't have anything toki huh.. well not anymore?
  5. i have no idea! i never actually looked there for tokidoki :x

    [aileen, its funny now you know my name but you always address me as peachfuzz LOL hahaha!!!]
  6. Macy's stores throughout San Diego have the largest selection of Tokidoki bags. Fashion Valley Mall is the best place to shop because they have both Macy's and Bloomingdales. If you want to venture toward LA, there is usually a nice selection of bags at Macy's and Nordstrom (and maybe the new Bloomingdale's) at South Coast Plaza.
  7. HAHA ok LISA!! i think it depends on my mood when i'm typing.. sometimes it's just habit to type out the tpf name! but peachfuzz is soo cute! LOL LOL...

    yeah when i see you at the mall one day.. i'll be saying.. HEY PEACHFUZZ! HAHAHA!
  8. I've never heard of the Orphinage, and I live pretty much in Chula Vista. They have Toki bags there? I'll have to check it out!
  9. as for tj *as i've visted not from SD, i went in the daytime drove down there were 5 of us, I ha d tons of fun. Got drunk, was 18 at the time but had a blast, the only thing that served a bit unnerving was all the children begging because they know you're from the US I felt so awful for them because most of them are put up by their parents to do that...I wouldn't say spend a few days there but for the somewhat more meixcan life culture, it was worth it...especially after going to cancun which to me was like america threw up in mexico.

    sorry if anyone like cancun. hated it.
  10. Xelia, no bags, but alot of vinyls, shirts, jewelry and the skate decks.. and also cute harajuko clothing!
    I'm waiting for them to get adios/ciao vinyls! :yes:
  11. peachfuzz... where in oceanside :nuts: I can send my bf to scout!
  12. i'm in san diego. can anyone tell me where my nearest lesportsac outlet is?
  13. I've found the Moofia Blind Boxes in Urban Outfitters~ I was in NYC, though, if that makes any difference =/
  14. Outlet? Well, the nearest Factory Outlet to you is in Seattle, WA. The other two are in New York~ =/ I don't know if you meant store or an actual outlet~
  15. Urban Outfitters does not have Toki anymore.

    Your best bets for Toki bags are Macy's and Bloomingdales in Fashion Valley Mall. Macy's there does not have Trasporto, but they do have quite a selection left of L'Amore. Bloomy's only has Trasporto, Tutti, and Famiglia. Mission Valley Macy's has L'Amore, Tutti, and Famiglia. The rest of the San Diego Macy's only seem to have Solid, Tutti, and Famiglia. Plaza Bonita Macy's had tons of Adio Star left.

    Clothing - The Assembly in Hillcrest has the Toki hats by New Era (they used to have the shirts but they're all gone now).

    Toys - Subtext in Little Italy (I think the corner of Beech and Kettner?) Sell the Adios & Ciao Ciao toys.

    That's about it.

    edit to add: I work in Fashion Valley Mall, and I check in on the Toki stock almost every other day (yeah, I'm that creep you see on the cameras)

    edited again to add: House of Flava in Plaze Bonita Mall sells the fake Tokis. They're pretty hilarious. If you ever wanted to see a Toki fake go there.